Worker stuck between collision boxes

Summary: when placing objects close together workers can often get stuck between the objects collision boxes leaving them no where to go so they get stuck.

Steps to reproduce: (In the way shown in the image below, though i’m sure it would do it in other ways as well.)

  1. create farm
  2. create picket fences
  3. place picket fences around corner of farm

Expected results: worker should have a way of moving out of the collision boxes or shouldn’t place them in a way which causes them to get stuck.

Actual results: worker gets stuck between collision boxes and can’t move.


Version and Mods: Alpha 3, no mods

System Information:

AMD FX 4170 4.2Ghz
Radeon 6950

Same thing happens in regards to wall building. Difference is with building walls, you can’t delete the wall, so the villager dies. I’ve lost one of my 6 lovely ones to this :’(

I think something I noticed is similar to this. It also seems similar to the issue reported here, but I think that one’s different as the citizen there was not stuck more or less inside the object. This was, however, the case also for my poor carpenter Irving Dorril when he placed a newly crafted door in the building… and himself in it. See the video, 39:55. I think because the scaffolding is in the way, he had to step down to place the door, which means that he was right there and then was stuck inside the collision box. (Not exactly between two close items, then, so maybe it’s not quite the same… but well.)

While I’m reporting this, anyway, do note that just beforehand, he walks straight through the house. Probably also a minor issue.