[Bug] Collisions

i not sure if this has address or not but we have a man eating settler in our mist:

and on a person who is sleeping no less

so not sure if this is again address but when putting down anything made by the carpenter you can place it so it looks like this:

and lastly out of my adventure through the Bug world the girls of this picture(it does happen to guys too) are having issues with the power of phasing through objects.

I think the issue is (i could be wrong) but as I said in another thread I think the fence thing happens because there are no placement collision boxes in game yet. There is a section called “region_collision_shape” but it only works for stopping villagers from running into objects as I can tell.

So from what i can tell it’s not a bug as much as a not yet implemented feature.

Not quite sure about the man eating villager though o.O