Collision issue with latest build (2193) and other things

Hi All! So I’ve been enjoying the latest development of the game, so much that I’m forgetting to do homework and stuff…

Anyways, the recent bug I have spotted is similar to others posting about hearthlings sharing the same bed. I have seen this happen in other things as well. Sharing chairs while eating, trying to grab the same resources on the ground, and sitting around the fire in the same spot. Pictures below:

Not much of an issue, but when I have 30+ hearthlings trying to do the same thing, grabbing the same resources, it’s not very efficient.

Also I’ve noticed that trading seems to have issues. I cannot finish any trades that require the trader to come back (when the time ends for the return, the mission just “disappears”), and immediate trades don’t happen at all.

All in all, I think this exciting development. Can’t wait for the next release!

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