Workers getting stuck in furniture

while playing sometimes workers will get stuck on their workshops or in other pieces of furniture.

hey there @Ignasis … welcome aboard! :smile:

can you consistently reproduce how the workers get stuck in the furniture?

would you mind capturing a screenshot? if you provide a link here, we can embed the image directly in the post for you…

I knew it was possible to get the furniture stuck in the walls, but I didn’t know workers could get stuck, too.

Hi @Ignasis - Which build did you see this bug? (You can find the release # in the bottom left corner of the title screen.) We fixed a bug in release 195 that sounds exactly like this.


Release 195. It does happen consistently, I tried to post a screenshot but I couldn’t include it in the post and I shut off my computer last night. With my schedule for the next couple of days I doubt I’ll be able to hop back on the game and take another screenshot. I found that I can have the workshops moved and the workers will continue on, but it is only a short while before they get stuck again. However, I did encounter a problem when I put a workshop near a bed the bed turned invisible, and the worker was stuck, I could see the bed in the building mode but I couldn’t do anything to move it.