[r144] Frozen worker moving gravestone

I designated a task to move this gravestone into my base (footman had run out of walls to attack four goblins by himself and putting the base on “rally” did not cause villagers or other footman to come to his aid, but that would be a different bug report).

This is how I saw a worker. He is stuck and should have no reason to be carrying what he is.

Further, save and reload caused the Stonehearth Assertion Fail dialog with the word “id”, goodbye brave citizens of Flowerton. I will miss you.

I have had people stuck, and they eventually die. The first was in a plowed field, next to a fence. He would not move even when I moved all the fences and lights etc. around him. I have a screen capture of where he got stuck and the error screen of him shaking and getting stuck. I am told by the discussion site I cannot put graphics in. Can I email them to someone?

Also, I just had two people get stuck in a supply area, on top of each other, no error screen. If they don’t resolve themselves that will be three people lost from my little town.

A workaround for this specific scenario usually is as follows…

  1. Worker gets stuck moving something because he is already holding an item.
  2. Click the item again, and move it for a second time. (To a different spot then where you originally chose)
  3. Worker should become unstuck and another worker will come move the item.

Hope that works for you if it happens again.