Able to place items within each other

Summary: Able to place down furniture inside of the picket fence and fence gate so they are clipping through one another
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create furniture
  2. place item in same location as already placed fence
    Expected Results: Furniture shouldn’t occupy same space
    Actual Results: Furniture does occupy same space
    Versions and Mods: Alpha 1 no mods
    System Information:
    Win 7 64 bit
    Amd fx 4170
    ATI radeon 6950
    8gb ddr3 Ram
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This seems to be true for all Items.

And it also causes them to become stuck, if you try to move the item its ghost will appear but no one will ever move it.

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I couldn’t get a picture because the game crashed, but I was able to place the starting post for a wall loop inside of a hill.

I wasn’t able to do much of anything after that.

@jomaxro: This one might be back again as of A15 D2860:



Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Build a fence line
  2. Place a fence gate over top of two fence segments
  3. Before your hearthling actually gets there to place the gate, mark at least one of the overlapping segments for removal and get it picked up.
  4. Observe the game actually place the fence gate within the fence line. As you can see above, the side of the gate with no embedded fence segment works fine.

The above steps are what resulted in the screenshots.