[r144] Clipping issues with placed items

Bug: Clipping issues with placed items

Some items can be placed so as to clip through each other visually.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Build house with window.
  2. Place Lantern right next to window.
  3. Place Curtains on window.

Expected Results:
Should not be possible to place a lantern where a curtain will clip through it when placed.

Actual Results:
Can place a lantern where a curtain will cip through it when placed.

In the image, you can see a lantern that was placed so close to a window that when curtains were added, they clipped through the lantern.

The bed was able to be placed so close to the wall that it clipped into the wall and the window.

I was also able to place a writing table sideways against a wall so that it clipped partway through the wall. When the villager actually placed it, it was placed on the roof of the building. I tried to move it after that, but no villager would go get it even though I built a ladder to the roof of the building for them.


good catch, and simple enough to repro with your steps… :+1: