Villagers don't place items (stone walls, workshops, etc..)

When placing any item there is a small chance it won’t be built and will instead leave the shadow item forever

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Play game
  2. Place items

Expected Results:
Walls to be placed

Actual Results:
The shadow wall is placed but no villager goes to fetch it.

This is of the walls.

I couldn’t upload my save here because I’m a new member but here ya go. Also reloading my save does fix the problem.
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Version Number and Mods in use:
release 549 x64

System Information:
Windows 10 x64, 16 GB RAM, geForce 970m

do you have pictures to clarify the issue? Also a savefile would be helpfull i think

I experienced almost same symptoms which garcia2893 written at same version (release 549 x64)
so I leave some more clues here.

  • I guess this bug occurs frequently when the item to be placed is stored in crates/chests/pots.
  • The type of items are limited to walls, wall-gates, and workbenches. And about others… I don’t know yet.
  • When this bug occurred(transparent item is placed, but villager never actually placing it), save the world. And load the world. Then villagers immediately start to placing such items. I think this behavior(save and load again) initializes AI algorithm and fixes problem temporarily.
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I edited my original post and am putting another image here because I’m only allowed one per post.

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