Alpha 16 - Hearthlings Not Placing Items

Hearthlings not putting out some things you want to place in the world and very often it seems they don’t want to place Workbenches for Stonemason and Weaver. But there is also problems at random with placing beds and benches but they placed lights directly even tho it was added later than the bench by me.

For example this time i had 2 beds that needed to get placed, one bench and the work benches for Weaver & Stonemason and none of them got placed until save and load the game.

I store everything in my Large Crates

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Craft the thing you want to place
  2. Place it
    3)Watch if they place item or not

Expected Results:
Placed Items / Work Benches
Actual Results:
Nothing happens they just go around do other things instead of placing workbenches
Saving and Loading seems to help but the Shift+F5 for quicksave/load to reset the ai crashes the game everytime without any error message.

Version Number and Mods in use:
alpha 16 latest 2951 was same problem in 2940
System Information:
i7 920
AMD 7950
Samsung 840,830
WD 1TBx2

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when you get this issue and you just wait till they have done all other things do they go in idle mode of will they do it ( like hey i’m not breaking my back unless i need to :slight_smile: )

can’t really say 100% but i seen i takes days and nothing happens until loading the game again.
Sometimes people just stand around idle doing nothing then they should have time to place these items and it’s strange to me that they decide to place one item that was placed by me later before the first one that they did not even place.
Feels like something is a bit wrong with the ai there to me.

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I have this same issue, it gets more and more common the larger my settlements become and/or the more hearthlings I have. I’ve waited days with them idle and they never get around to placing objects. Doing a save, exit to main menu, and then Continue (to reaload the last save) always fixes it. It gets annoying though to have to save and reload every 10-15 minutes once you get to around 20 hearthlings, though.

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I feal like the issue doesn’t arise when placing things from a stockpile, so i have a stockpile dedicared to all the furniture etc.

You may be correct there, I’ve noticed that the things I want placed which aren’t getting placed are usually in Stone Chests. Then again, I tend to move towards everything being in stone chests by the time I have at least one of each crafter class. By the time I have 17 hearthlings I usually strive to have only one small stoockpile for tools only because I like to be able to SEE which tools I have available at all times.

Yeah, i normally use stone chests too, but this was a reason to bring stockpiles back :slight_smile:

I really don’t like using stockpiles though, and I shouldn’t have to use them. They are very inefficient use of space. Stone chests stack 16 items per square versus a stockpile being 1 item per square. It’s still a bug and one the devs should address.

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Chill! Of course it is a bug and needs to be addressed, i’m just talking about ways around the issue until this fix happens :wink:

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is it only something that involves stone chest or also wooden chest and large urns?

One work around the bugs I’ve found is actually not that your workers aren’t placing the items. Its that their pathing is messed up. What happens is, they’ll pick up the item, walk with it. Then their pathing cancels and they put the item back and do it over and over.

The way I fixed it when it happens is to put the item in question moved to a closer location. Then once its placed, have it moved closer or to where I want.

Though typically restarting the game sometimes can fix the issue.

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Its that their pathing is messed up. What happens is, they’ll pick up
the item, walk with it. Then their pathing cancels and they put the item
back and do it over and over.

This is not what I’m seeing at all in my games when this happens. I have visible pathing turned on in my game and they are never even going to grab the items. They simply idle and do nothing instead of even attempting to get and place the items. They never even pick it up. You may be experiencing another, different issue. Keep in mind that hearthlings will drop whatever they’re doing at the moment (literally drop an item if they’re carrying one) if they need to eat or sleep or run and hide.

All containers, i believe.

Abd for me it has nothing to do with pathing, hearthlings aren’t even trying to pick stuff up from containers.

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I seem to be facing a version of this bug also. Had the container issue, but additionally, when I try to place a potter’s trading post, it just … ghosts away. The ghost remains in place, but the item never gets placed; I can find the trading post in my item inventory but can’t find it in any container or in the world.

edit: hrm. nevermind – i made a second one and that placed appropriately, but not in the spot where the first vanished one is still ghosted. Only have one in inventory.

when I try to build the new one on the ghost spot, the ghost pops around and bounces.

is there any change when you order to stop storaging in a certain container, so they will move all item to another?

I have seen a placement issue with stone chests themselves too. When that happens, I make a second one, and then it gets placed. I still end up with an extra one, but I need to have more than QTY: 1 of the item before it’ll get placed. Certainly odd.

Yep, I’ve seen the placement issues with stone chests as well. Usually because they were already themselves in some sort of container. (For me that often means stone chests - I don’t even bother making wooden crates and just wait using my stockpile until I can craft my own stone chests.) But instead of doing any in-game workaround, I just save and reload and it solves the issue.

Thank you for the bug report! A fix for several placement issues related to containers (crates, vaults, etc) will be included in the next build. Let us know if you still run into this issue after the patch.


Woot! Thanks Linda, I will definitely check this out in the next patch! It will be nice to not have huge sprawling stockpiles again. =)

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:smiley: looking forward to this :slight_smile: