Worker Pathfinding bug underground

is anyone else having any trouble getting workers to mine or loot anything out underground? they only ever very sporadically do any tasks that involve being inside a hole/tunnel

Hey there @highlander952, welcome to the Discourse! I have not seen any specific reports of pathfinding issues underground only. Do you have a specific save where you are seeing this issue?

Is the tunnel long? Far away from your town flag?
That could be a problem.

Try to set up storage boxes near to the stuff you want to get stored, that helps my hearthlings.

I have issues with Hearthlings refusing to mine out large sections of tunnel. I usually have to designate smaller patches for them to mine. If its bigger then say 4 x 16 or 16 x 4 they’ll mine for a few minutes and then stop altogether. Happens time and time again.

that was my problem as well. a few restarts fixed it as well