Hearthlings won't go back to mining past a certain depth and distance from the safety flag?

so i mentioned on another thread, a suggestion thread that i’m doing a pretty unique run this time around. i’m trying to dig out a giant hole as far as i can go and building a village inside of a mountain. so i started at the highest point of said mountain to give myself the biggest challenge i could get out of it. no reliable source of food, very little resources like wood and NO clay resource from my starting location as i’m on TOP OF A MOUNTAIN. so i began as a height of 154M and no joke dug straight down building ladders as i went all the way down to 49M. not sure honestly how many days have passed for me thus far but i can tell you it’s probably been well over a month in game haha. in any case i’ve stumbled upon a problem. as my hearthlings hit 49m they stopped going down the hole to continue mining it out and just kinda…left it alone. I can tell them to mine else where and they’ll willingly do it but getting them to go down that ladder to 49m just seems undoable for them. is there a finite distance from the starting camp fire and flag that a hearthling will willingly go? or is this a glitch or bug?

I seem to remember the devs were forced to have a distance limit for jobs to keep Hearthlings from wandering too far to do things because it was becoming a problem. CPU overhead or something like that. You could just move the flag to a more central position to where they’re traveling or maybe make a way station with food?

They probably can’t reach the bottom for reasons like the ladder that was touching the floor is not anymore because it was dug out.
There should be no limit in distances, besides performances (far away places takes more cpu, but they would still do it.)

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A: as i described i’m digging straight DOWN thus i can’t put the flag in a more “central location” as the flag would have to be relocated every few seconds as they get lower to keep it with them.

B: food might work but once again, where would i put it if i’m just digging STRAIGHT DOWN lol

C: which is it? is it a programming limitation based on hardware or game engine limitations? or is it just a not existent limitation as BrunoSupremo has claimed?

Did you hit bedrock? While there should not be a limitation on distance from flag hitting bedrock would stop you. The game will only allow you to go so far down


Have you hit the inventory cap? I could dig straight down from the top of a mountain until I hit the bedrock (it doesn’t let you mine there, the cursor becomes a red cross).

Didn’t use any ladders though, just let them mine down. Might also be that they get hungry or sleepy before reaching the bottom and they don’t reach the end of the ladder :confused:

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