Worker glitch on cactus

Worker glitch on cactus

Its possible to place “Pear Cactus” under an idle worker with the result that the worker is on top of the cactus and not able to climb down manual. The worker stucks there

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start a game in desert setting. near a lot of “Pear Cactus”-plants.
  2. Move the “Pear Cactus” to a very close group near the heartlings (better give no other orders, so the idle hearthlings won’t move too mutch)
  3. Set the Cactus under a idle hearthling. Sometimes they pushed away, sometime times the Hearthling pushes on the cacuts!
    3b) I is also possible that the cacuts pushes themself on other cactus. So the Cactus “flies” in the air. Can’t reproduce it, but try with the moving function and timing of placment.

Expected Results:
The Hearthling is pushed away from the placed Cactus.

Actual Results:
The hearthling is on top of the “Pear Cactus” and can’t move back to the ground (other highlevel)

There are some bugs around the topic “hearthing stuck somewere”, it also happens via building or mining for clay in the ground.
Maybe its a option to give them an “climbing” abillity as emergency for this cases.


Version Number and Mods in use:
develop 2786

System Information:
not important here

Hey there @talamatur, a (slightly belated) welcome!

This is a very similar issue to what occurs with planting trees while playing as the Ascendency. If you look around the Discourse I am sure you will find some humourous screenshots of tree towers high into the sky. As a temporary fix, you should be able to build a ladder 1 block high to the hearthling to get them free. If that doesn’t work, you might be able to reset the hearthling via the in-game console. To open the console, type Ctrl + c on your keyboard, then click the stuck hearthling and type reset in the console. You may need to run the command more than once, but they should be “pushed” off the cactus.

@Albert, @yshan: with many more plants being movable, I think something needs to be done about the ability to hearthlings to be forced onto objects when they are placed.