Windows and doors randomly going on adventures



there seem to be an issue with placing fences in the new builder at this point, so better not use them until they release the new fencetool :slight_smile:


Windows are missing when the builder says Done.

Has happened a few times. Last time was today.

Version Number and Mods in use:
No Mods

System Information:
Win 7
64 bit
Core i7- 2600
Geforce GTX 750Ti



Thanks for confirming that this is still happening, @Eden23 :slightly_smiling_face:
It’s not a problem of the building editor, it’s related to any placement ghost even if it’s on the ground.


Also, unrelated to the bug but I like your buildings! They give me an earth-kingdom feel from avatar the last airbender!


Thanks @Wouter_Sikkema. I was just playing with the new builder.

@Relyss Thanks for the new colours for use in the game and all the other recent updates.


I experienced Windows which were placed half out of the “window hole” (half in wall/half in place) - this seems to happen randomly. Unfortunatelly I have no pic at hand.


Were they modded windows, or vanilla windows? That sounds like a rotation issue :thinking:


They were modded - maybe a rotation issue.


I feel very ignored on Steam so I thought I’d bring the bug over here :frowning:

Steps to reproduce and save file included:

I later noticed this is happening with other placed objects as well not just building template objects:


Thanks for the detailed report! We’ll take a look at this if it’s still happening in release 864.


Hi Max thanks so much for responding! It is still happening, the berry placement is happening a lot more for me. I think there’s a tonne of possibilities on why it’s happening ranging from hearthlings intending to place seeds and not making it to perhaps something happening with placement or perhaps even running out of seeds (happened once but previously it just stayed as a ghost until it became available). I always place mine very close but it does happen when randomly spread. Would love to see a berry farm that produces bushes for the herbalist too! It has happened with bushes also but not so often. Also I have noticed I can’t teleport sprouts to where I placed a seed that didn’t make it so I kind of wonder if perhaps it’s there and invisible and never grows.

To reproduce the windows you have to have a lot of vertically placed windows, placing them in groups of 3 high works best and having multiple rows is essential if you want to see it happen fast (it happens more when they are close together and there’s lots of them), however this does happen on 2 high windows and rarely also on single windows (but I haven’t seen that in a while - could be because I rarely build with singles). I did upload a game where it happens every time I press play on that save so you can observe it. I do think mods may make it worse as well but not sure why or if there’s any truth to that or just in my head, however that might help you track down what’s happening. I would love to see hearthlings only jump through windows if they’re fleeing also by the way ha ha.

Since I bought this game over 2 years ago I’ve watched a lot of very detailed Steam reports go unanswered, even when we’ve worked as a team to find the reason or cause or steps to reproduce or the user has uploaded video of the issues and screenshots. I would really love to see you guys engaging over there a little. We’re happier in our own areas and we want you to reach out to us on the platform you created for us… We don’t get any of the fun stuff like screenshot showoffs for the website and Steam is literally overflowing with them! I dunno I just wish you guys would pop in a couple of times a week and just have a quick look through, it’s not so active there that you’d be swamped…but you might find a lot of bugs and suggestions quicker, as well as getting a lot more positive reviews :D.

Anyway hope all that helps you get closer to finding the issue! Thanks again!!


Since I bought this game over 2 years ago I’ve watched a lot of very detailed Steam reports go unanswered,

There are numerous places on the internet where you can report issues Stonehearth - here, Steam boards, Steam support, Reddit, Twitch, Humble Bundle support, Kickstarter support, direct email, etc. We could spend our time checking each and every one of those, or we could spend it actually working on the game. We have established Discourse as the place to connect with us, so anyone who plays the game, whether they got it through Kickstarter, Steam, Humble Bundle, or elsewhere can participate, and so that we can efficiently respond to discussions in one central place.

That said, @Relyss does go through all those threads and passes the reports on to the rest of us, so they aren’t lost - we just fix them and announce the fix in patch notes instead of tracking each bug report thread.


Relyss has been fantastic but I would like to see more responses even if it’s just a thanks for reporting :). I am sure Steam brings in a huge amount of your sales, so you should invest in the base there. I don’t know why you’d have discussion areas on reddit or twitch or kickstarter or humble, I’d be redirecting those to here lol. Every game I’ve bought through humble links to their own site, never seen a discussion area on there for any games I’ve bought there lol.


Hey just wanted to touch base…

Ghengis_John has an interesting theory about this and thinks that when enemies destroy items in your stockpiles the game doesn’t let buildings and other lists know right, which results in the missing windows and buildings never completing.

I think he might have a point, I did notice that when they destroy doors it somehow counts as an item being placed when they replace the door from unfinished builds (resulting in -10 objects needing to be placed and never finishing).

But from my own experience I watch the hearthlings carry these windows and place them, they vanish on placement…but I do think this is important to note and to check because it does impact the issue kind of broadly…and it is a bug I think you guys are looking into (destroyed items still being listed in places).

His post: Hearthlings won't finish construction :: Stonehearth Bug Reports


Maybe in some cases, but in my game, I never had goblins destroying anything from a stockpile and did have missing windows in a finished building.


Yes me too! I noticed that wolves can attack things too and once I noticed that my next game was started with the stockpiles behind several doors and locked in lol. Also keeps the crafters happy!


Oh, WOW!!! the newest update has a line that traders were sometimes taking placed objects!!! So that’s where my windows went. I do remember trading a bunch of them for armor.

Thank you for the fix! :jubilant:


lol i wonder if that’s why i also miss windows


Not sure if that’s what was happening for me, I was just sitting there watching hearthlings place the windows not trading, I never sell that quality either so unless they mean they take the items without being traded with or permission then I am not sure this will be fixed. However there’s lots of bug fixes so I will test it out for sure.


That patch note is referring to trader quests (e.g. give me 5 windows in 2 days and I’ll give you 3 swords).