Will there be walls?

i was just wandering if we will be able to build walls? like if you drag out a shape e.g. a square and your workers will build it or if there are custom walls to build. These walls could then defend from invaders and you could place watchtowers at various points. Just wandering :smile:

as in walls around your settlement? yes, i would think that is in the works (although we havent seen it demonstrated yet)… if you take a look at this mockup, you can see the castle walls in the top left…


its not too far a stretch to imagine those walls elsewhere… :smiley:

oh yeah, thanks! I think it would definitely be missing something without them.

I think it was also mentioned in one stream that you can raise higher walls, just by creating a building with walls only on one side, no?

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i dont recall myself… but as @Geoffers747 is so fond of mentioning, i’m old, forgetful, and feel the need to constantly yell at poor defenseless kids who dare to traipse across my lawn…

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I have no recollection of this moment, but I do spend 99% of my time under the influence of alcohol that you force feed me. So, walls. Right. Yes. Good work Voxel!

Couldn’t agree more, walls are a must!

There should be various of wall types and not just two or three. A tree tower with a ballista on top wouldn’t be that bad but actually interesting.

I’m personally hoping for different grades of walls, from the basic earthen ditch and wooden palisades, to various stones and/or other walls right up to large wide fortifications