Walls and Walling Off

First of all yes I believe in walling off a settlement, history proves that people have done so. What I don’t like is completely walling off a settlement with no entryway what-so-ever. This tactic is a staple amongst games such as Gnomoria (granted it has been nerfed with tunnelling goblins) and Dwarf Fortress.
Using the current system players can construct walls using the building tool, walls that although good enough for a house would be useless for proper defence, by this I mean siege. I would like to see a separate defence wall construction option, walls that take time and resources to construct rather than knocked up quickly as walls are currently. As no Human likes being completely closed in, ask any former/current prisoner, such walls would require at least one gate thus stopping players building a complete wall and only allowing immigrants in by knocking a hole in said wall before walling themselves back in.


As far as I know, you can’t knock a hole in walls already. We really need a way to do so, or to totally remove a wall if we want to expand.

I’ve never been able to build a door OR window in an already built wall, so a ‘gate wall’ or some such, would be perfect.

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Only problem I’ve found with completely walling a village is the AI for both the hearthlings and goblins seems to mess up and cause my games to become unstable, but it would be nice to be able to slap a door in an already constructed wall.

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I have found putting up a ladder inside and one outside up the wall helps the Goblin’s AI work better than my house in the middle of the wall with the black wall blown out.

Haven’t tried it lately, but you could de-construct buildings. Haven’t tried making a wall made up of small sections then trying to delete one of them, not sure if it would break the whole wall or just one of the sections.

I’m in on this one hard core :smiley: I think that major walls like town defensive perimeter structures should be built by a sub-class depending on the material used in the construction of structure: 1: stone (mason sub-class) 2: wood (carpenter sub-class) 3. metal (black smith sub-class). I think that they would have to obtain a LV 5-6 to be able to move on to the sub-class.

I know lv 5-6 may sound high but think a moment. Carpenter: Ok by the time you have made 3-4 group bed homes & 1-2 group dinning halls, plus all the tools and lamps i bet that’s pretty close to lv 5-6. I would think you wouldn’t need massive town defenses much earlier than that or i could be wrong.

All class’s will have more walls available to them as they gain more lv’s in their class.
I think that thees class’s should be able to do other fortifications as well as walls. like tipping pot’s containing boiling oil for dumping, log falls, bolder falls, a berm of spikes. maybe even pit falls or net traps. I also fell that they should be responsible for their gate because they would be different between the materials. Any way I think we get the idea but if you have more I would like to hear them. :smiling_imp: I also think that if you want to build a big structure like a castle or an imperial palace or a stronghold that would make the dwarves under the mountain want to trade places with you; then these master craftsmen are what we need in the game.

Carpenter Sub-class: would be like the forts that America used during all our fun turmoil times. way back when.
logs, rope, dirt, nails, rocks, quick, better than nothing

Mason Sub-class: would be like medieval times.
Stone, mortar, slow, strong

BlackSmith Sub-class: umm I would say it would have an under frame and from the out side it would look like big 6’x6’ square metal plates with big fat rivets in them, color would reflect the kind of metal used and maybe how good the wall is.
wood, stone, metal, rope, time consuming, stong

even if you made walls harder to make, people can still make trenches/moats, which are in fact cheaper, just as effective, and can be slabbed over if you want to expand.

I would like to see some sort of locking door. One that wouldnt unlock for anyone and one that would only open for friendly mobs. It would be ok if enemy mobs could break doors and build ladders though too.


I’m Welsh so my country has a fair amount of castles which nearly bankrupted the then Norman conquerors. As you probably know they started with Motte-and-Bailey forts before replacing them with stone castles and walls. So I like the idea of the various classes being appropriate to the type of wall. Also I’m sure there are plans for an engineer class, engineers = walls, maybe! The reason I brought up the suggestion is I’ve quite a number of games where troops run up to walls and start hitting them with their swords, etc. and bring the lot down, realistic? No!

yep and cool looking as well. Imho any gate/entrance that is built into the protective walls should only let in your peeps, your peeps pets, friendly animals, and npc that are friendly. while keeping out all aggressive elements.

what i like best about having a special class make the walls, would be all the open options that would should be easier to program.(i think)

I think being able to order troops to guards the battlements would nice, or towers. also to be able to pick from a list of 6 different attack responses would be nice too.

A lot of games miss out when doing sieges, even the Total War series, imho, get it not quite right. Lets hope Radiant can change things.