Who said that?!?!?! (Discontinued)

I’ve noticed that everybody has been making and playing forum games recently, and I wanted to host my own. I made this game myself, so…
Anyway, here’s how it works:
-The person above you says something that has been put on the forum before
-You tell them what the topic was and the person who said it was
-You put down a quote yourself
-You write down how many points you now have
-All quotes must be the whole post
-No fan media can be repeated (songs, art, fanfic a, etc.)
-Every time you post here, you get 2 points.
-Every time you break a rule, your points are reset to zero

  • @SteveAdamo gets 3 points every time he posts because he gave me a small idea by accident that created this game
    -I get 3 points every time I post just cuz I’m like an admin, since I am an admin, since I’m an owner, since I made it, since… Hi.
    -No copying and pasting quotes into the search bar
    -No writing things like: this topic has been closed, and I like cheese blah blah blah
    -Have so much fun you like everything I ever post and bye the Alpha for me :wink:

How many bets can we get that Steve is going to kill StoneHearth to make T&S thrive? I mean, lets be honest. He has no soul. It was sold for like 78 cents or something around that number.


LordNevs in Omg wait steve read this thread.

My quote:
Zwitterions can cause the same affect.


Crobo in Alphabet Game

high praise indeed! [thumbs up here except I cannot write thumbs up for some reason]

6 points

SteveAdamo in Stonehearth Music - Vaughan

My quote:
right… well, I suppose anything is possible once the public release is out next year…

Points: 4

me… somewhere … I’m sensing a theme here… :tongue:

2 points

Ummm… I guess you just reset ur points cuz u broke the rules… But at the same time u had none… ???

You are being accused of cheating at your own game… by me.

“Just cuz XD” is not a legitimate reason for this. I don’t even know what this “XD” is.

40000 points.

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First of all, you are cheating by giving yourself more points than you deserve, resetting your points to zero. Second of all, IT’S IN THE RULES, SMART ONE. YIU CANT BREAK A RULE BY MAKING ONE
But in the five minutes I have known you, I have figured out you will be too stubborn to let me go on with this, so I will edit it.

And XD, if you really, honestly don’t even know what that is, is an emoticon.

RULES ARE MEANT TO BE BROKEN. Истинный русский делает свои собственные правила!

I didn’t say you were breaking one, I said you were cheating.

I don’t see any edits yet.

8 minutes and 32 seconds** (At the posting of this response)

Just going to bag this one, since nobody else seems to be. It was moi, in the Music OST thread thingy.

So more room for the rest of us to post :stuck_out_tongue:

Amlin, Alphabet (Forum Game)

“so modest, so humble, thats our @SteveAdamo

Edit: 2 points! (and as a fellow commie, I think I should get some of LordNev’s, which brings me to 20,002. We make the rules, yeah!)

LordNev’s points were erased for breaking the rules, so u got half of zero. lol. u have 2 points.

Amlin in Ummm… who are you…?

“Server is moved and back Online! :smiley:

Points: 6

pepe from the minecraft thread. Threw me off there at first thinking it might be a discourse update.

“It shrunk again! Seriously though why does it keep changing?”

Steve to me last friday night

I have no idea, well, I do because I used the search function … but that’s cheating right?


Apparently, it might be a bit unfair though in difficulty considering the only clue is that it’s about something that’s clearly changing size with some frequency. To try and help people as it might be a bit hard it’s about something that still changes in size regularly, of course it’s about something you’d never notice but’s always there. I could offer a different one if people think it’s too hard, sadly it appears I can’t use anything of mine as I appear to have less than a dozen posts that are less than a paragraph out of my 600, I swear I have no idea how that happened.

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Steve, I know you love it, and I’m giving it to you on a silver platter. :smiley:
Would you do me a favor and lock this please? Thank you.

right-o captain!

turns out the lights