Omg wait steve read this


hey steve!! are you a dev of timber and stone? cause you are an forum admin of tas o.o


no sir… just a fan there as well… :smile:

i was following Robert’s development, then got to know him a bit better during the campaign… T&S holds a special place in my heart… :heart:


The countdown to the mutiny has begun.


the question is in which way to stonehearth or back to the routs xD


How many bets can we get that Steve is going to kill StoneHearth to make T&S thrive? I mean, lets be honest. He has no soul. It was sold for like 78 cents or something around that number.


.79 thank you very much… but i said T&S held a special place in my heart, not that it ruled it…

however, my heart is a fickle beast, and i have (obviously) been smitten with SH… why else would i be here nearly 24/7? :smile:


Because you have no need for a life? That’s why I’m here :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh man, T&S seemed like such a good game! Then I realized how the UI was absolutely horrendous, and failed fairly quickly with everything. Seriously got bummed by the whole game. Maybe that’s why I drifted here. My heart shan’t be broken again!!!


[size=4]AAAGH! STEVE, WHYYYY???!!! [/size]



Argh, the block capsing, it burns! :anguished:


Don’t worry.

I’ve made the necessary adjustments.