Timber and Stone + Stonehearth?

Timber and Stone engine + Stonehearth = Genious.


What’s wrong with our engine?
Why is is to damn resource consuming?

What can we as players do?

EDIT - Special comments: In order to avoid confusion, this is not a threat publicising another game, I am an owner of both and I am definitely participating in only one of their community, guess which one I picked?

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What’ wrong with TR engine? Still in development.
Why is is to damn resource consuming? (see above)

What can we as players do? Report bug’s (screen shots, system spec’s, build#, Logs, How to reproduce), and give constructive critique’s on game play and mechanics so they can tweak as needed. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


interesting idea, but the TS engine is a good 6-12 months older? granted, it’s been almost entirely rewritten in the last 12 (or so)…

still, radiant is staffed with some really bright folks… I have faith that the SH engine will be will be rock solid stable “soon”… :smile:


I haven’t touch to T&S since they revamp the graphics of the game but in my memories, it was indeed quite solid. Like Steve my guess is it’s a question of time before the SH engine become as good, TR probably want to inject the basic feature before focusing on the engine itself. And that sounds quite logical… SO patience is the word here!


Further adding to this matter, how about T&S’s view by height voxel?

One is able to just cut the field at certain level and see objects placed on a certain level extremely useful for many situations such as placing items inside a building, also gives us the liberty to place “floors” at any random level we like.

This new view would bring the player with a whole upgraded building experience.

Maybe we could even further improve this.

This is a picture of a house being built but much represents the idea, same happens to terrain but remains “black” in order to avoid people from finding where certain ores are in advance.