Who does what during the day? (Jobs and lifestyle in general)


For me it’s usually going to school and dealing with my ex girlfriend telling me that if I even look at her she’s going to get her 24 year old dance partner to beat the crap out of me. Oh! And working of course

The standard teenage school stuff from day to day

I’m just interested in some of the jobs that you older guys might be doing from day to day.

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Well, Geoffers and Steve do this:

Anyway, I’ve got school for 7 hours, then pretty much whatever else that someone who can’t drive does.


I’m a student aswell, Currently studying Nanotechnology. I’m currently without a job since i have an internship coming up next february. If i’m not studying i’m either grabbin a cold one with friends, Playing games or watching/reading anime/manga.

that is actually quite broad XD


Ok, fine – whatever a 14 year old American who lives in a small city’s suburbs does.


That seems accurate enough n.n

Student, high school
Try to spend as much time as possible at the computer
but Friday Nights I am most likely at work


What did I just watch?
Also, who is Steve and Geoffers in this video?


University student studying computer game design, hence why I like keeping such a close eye on the development :slight_smile:


Interchangeable. We like to mix it up, keep things fresh.


I’m about to finish a certificate in Aged Care, and it looks like (based on how my work prac went) that i should get a job at the nursing home i was training at.

But before that i was at uni for 7 years attempting to get degrees.



I suffer from chronic unemployment.

So my day consists of wake up late, cry, fill out applications or send resumes, cry, nap, cry, watch an episode of something, send more resumes, cry, sleep, repeat.


I’m a full time college student majoring in computer science, a McDonald’s McCrewmember, and a Martial Scientist. Nothing really special lol


I’m a student at a university in Holland, and I’m studying Industrial Design. Most of my other time is wasted on the internet :stuck_out_tongue:


High School student. When I’m not working on hw and wasting time on the internet I talk to friends on Skype. Just got my licence, but I don’t really do anything that stand out, except maybe weekly D&D/Movie night with friends. Really just killing time until the horrors of growing up start to kick in.


speaking of, you’re Snoop this weekend… big party at Justin Bieber’s… you know what a fan he is… holla!

as for the question at hand, i toil away at a childrens hospital, making the 1’s and 0’s all line up… and yes, before you ask, i’m quite awesome at it…


I am a Dad, and a full-time student, currently attending school to refine the skills needed to chase the bad guys around the Internet; and find stuff they don’t want found on their other devices, such as smart phones and tablet computers.


been there… :cry: i know that pain


A typical day starts at 6:00, taking a shower and some running with the dog, then 8 to 9 hours of coding at work, 3 to 5 hours of hiking/running/playing with the dog and some friends (and their dogs), shopping, household, eating, gaming until the dog needs her last walk and then dreaming :grin:


Man do I feel old…
I have a different work schedule than most, it being 48 hours on shift, 96 hours off. It’s a damn sweet schedule (for the most part) and gives me tons of time to spend with the wife and kidlets.
O…paramedic as a profession.

(I should add that this schedule allows for ALOT of gaming time while at work…if I’m not out on a call, I’m sleeping or eating or gaming at the station)


I am software developer, used to do game dev work with PS2 and PC but where I live there’s not too much work around for that stuff and the pay was pretty poor. Actually half the guys in my current company have all done game dev before and still do mobile indie stuff now and then. Love keeping up with games in dev.


20 years old and I’m studying physiotherapy and in my spare time (when I have any) I’m usually with my friends and/or gf, or I’m gaming ^^