Which is the current build?

Can any one tell me what the current build actually is please? I have steam version and beta opt-in but people still seem to have more features than i do. Im not at home yet and using my tab so i cant check if its up to date… cheers

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the actual is 2283 and you should see this on the mainscreen left bottom and ingame upper left ^^

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ok Graham has made it safely to mine (im up north, he’s from down south)

i have just checked my stonehearth, reverted to opt-out… and then opted in again to be sure… (graham has same version as me) we both have 2283 but… people are saying there is no goblin totems anymore??? then how come i’m still getting loads?

2291 was released yesterday, but there were some “issues”, so it was reverted back to the previous build:

its the same question like why i dont get the shops and the camps (or any f***ing goblin) … the answer lies direct before the buildnumber … drum roll ----- ALPHA ----- drum roll



sorry, did not know it was reverted :P, but its kind of fixed now, sorry i forgot to mention it :smiley: (this is graham replying so you can now close the post, thank you)

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