When using chests made of hay, the hearthlings start bugging a lot

I had placed several chests made of hay and the hearthlings started running in place in front of the chests. They also kept lifting and dropping things around the chests instead of into them, and lastly they all began to sit in/on the chests while eating.
The whole game started acting weirdly as soon as I had put the chests to use.

Furthermore, most of them all keep standing in the exact same spot next to the chest, until I give them something to do. As soon as they have done the task they run back to the same spot.

After deleting all the chests the hearthlings all act normal again :smile:

Hi @munjas :slight_smile:

Which mods are you using? I don’t know a chest made of hay.

I actually removed all mods before starting the game, so there should be none. It’s a chest the weaver can make :slight_smile:

Could you upload the savefile where this is happening please?
I’d like to take a look.

Also, in your screenshot there’s “(M)” next to the game version, which means there are mods installed, that’s why I thought it was a mod.

@Relyss: the chest in question here looks very much like the basket added by the settlement decor mod.

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Then maybe reinstalling the mod might work.