When the player 'loses' stonehearth


Ok so due to the suicidal footmen bug, I lost my footmen and then a pair of goblin marauders came immediately after and killed all my hearthlings, every last one of them :cry:.
But now I’m stuck in a game that won’t end or go anywhere. As, if I wait a day and I get a new hearthling the 2 marauders just kill them. Plus I gave up waiting the day when the first hearthling to spawn had stats of 1,1,2 :disappointed:.
I propose that the game should detect when you have 0 hearthlings and trigger a you lose screen or cut scene that takes you back to the main menu.

Here is my save :slight_smile:
SH Dead hearthlings.7z (3.9 MB)

Is there a "Game Over"?

poor you, my heart cries for you and your hearthlings.
may they rest in peace.


one solution you could use, though not really a fix, is by using the command console to destroy the enemies until your hearths come back. Though this still is an issue


Game over stuff is not yet implemented… :disappointed:

Should we move this to suggestions, @8BitCrab / @jomaxro ?


it would still take about an hour of in game waiting to get back up to a decent number of hearths :frowning: (also why is there no sad emoji this is the frowning one :unamused:)


Sad emojis: :cry: :disappointed: :sob:


I was looking for the eyes looking forwards and upside down smile.


With this new styles of emoticons, the one most similar to it would be :worried:
But you’re right, that one is missing :disappointed_relieved:


Your kingdom is turned to ash only to leave behind it’s seed, a new kingdom shall sprout from the seed. From it will bare fruit of a new kingdom, hope.

Take on your knowledge from your old settlement and make a new. Without sacrifice we would never learn…


Yeah, I would. I think this is an important discussion to have, seeing as A16 is focussing more on combat, having something like this (losing all your Hearthlings) is more likely to happen. Something should happen if you lose all your Hearthlings…


Actually, this is a great idea. It would be nice to be able to establish a new settlement near an old settlement on the same map and raid the old location for supplies and building materials. It would be even cooler if you have to take it back from goblins first with your footmen.

Speaking of “old settlements,” I’d love to see randomly generated ruins either in a mod or in the main game. Something to explore with materials to salvage, resident monsters to fight, and maybe a chest to loot.


Maybe you’re resurrected as a necromancer with the Phoenix Empire…