Replacement of dead hearthlings

Having just suffered simultaneous goblin and invasion attacks, I lost 6 hearthlings in one fell swoop. Bad luck. However, on my next daily update, as my community value was still too low for the next hearthling, I remained at only 2 hearthlings. I think dead hearthlings should be replaced at the rate of one a day, to get you back up to the population level corresponding to your community value.

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I’d say it’s good as is. That way raids are actually devastating instead of a small setback. Makes me want to be precautious instead of ‘meh’. There could of course be made different difficulty levels, with your suggestion in the easy to medium difficulty.


I’m sorry for your loss.

But I think that’s the point of the game.

Your Hearthlings are your most valuable resource, and one you should aim to feverishly protect. To let even one of them perish is a huge hit to your economy, as it should be.
They leave a tombstone behind as well, so you can forever remember their contribution and sacrifice.

But to let them essentially ‘respawn’ daily until you’re back to your original population defeats that purpose, and could be easily exploited.
E.g. I’ll send these soldiers to that camp today, and in a couple days I can send another wave
Stuff like that.

It’s a huge shame that you lost 6 Hearthlings in one night, but this is a resource management game, and it seems like you could have spent more resources on your military. I usually start off with 2 footmen and slowly build it. Even at 12 Heartlings I had about 4 footmen.

But depending on the size and how you’ve laid out your Hearth, it’s best to leave how to defend it to your best judgment. But make sure to deck out your footmen with the sickest equipment you can provide at the time, and try not to set those goblins off. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I agree with @baneblade17 and @ZwoeleBeer, but how exactly does it work. What happens when you lose say 4 hearthlings and you don’t meet your Daily update requirements for a new hearthling to appear. In what way do you gain new hearthlings does the Daily update decrease?


I agree with @ZwoeleBeer and @baneblade17, but I also think @Patrick_Slamp makes a good point. I do think respawning Hearthlings is way too forgiving (unless perhaps if you are playing at a very low difficulty, to be implemented later), and as a fan of roguelikes I’m happy to just lose very hard, sometimes. However, it would be good if daily update requirements are based not on how many have been successful in the past, but on how many hearthlings you currently have or some such. That way you can at least build up again, if you manage to hold out with your lower number of hearthlings.

I don’t know how it is currently implemented, though, so perhaps this is already the case. So I reiterate the question above: how does it actually work?


Good points on both sides. One (easy) way to handle this could be the difficulty level. Easier difficulty could lower requirements, reduce spawn and strengths of enemies. Higher difficulty the other way around. That way you could chose to go for the challange and how big it should be.

Edit… and was there not an idea to implement the Necromancer with an ability to revive dead Hearthlings? Would help in more advanced games.

I also agree with me and @ZwoeleBeer.
To continue with what @Patrick_Slamp and @Phagocytosis, I thought the Hearthling daily update would adjust itself to how many Hearthlings you had (if they implemented it)
This way even though you’d lose a valuable Hearthling you’ve pain stakingly trained in whatever profession they were in, but if you had satisfied the daily update requirements, you could get a fresh new Hearthling to train from the ground up the next day. Which is similar to what I think @Shayne might be talking about, although not quite the same since it still needs to meet a requirement.

So a good idea, but it should still conform to Stonehearth laws. (The daily update)

On a slightly related note.
Has Littlelings (Hearthling children) been discussed yet?
I might go look for a post somewhere about it.


Perhaps a trade off for replacing hearthlings. A footman shows up and offers to join in exchange for goods if you suffer a sudden loss.

Hello, I am a footman from [villagename]. My village is suffering from a plague and is in desperate need of supplies. If you can spare [items] I will stay here and help defend your town. Do we have a deal?

You could even put in a bit where the footman is a temporary thing, returning to his own village after working for a month. That way it isn’t a permanent gain but a temporary boost.


The developers have expressed a number of times that they don’t like the idea of that (for the foreseeable future), just because of how difficult it would be to implement. They didn’t say it would absolutely never happen, but it’s certainly not going to be anytime soon.


Using the post @voxel_pirate made about families and children Fambams and little monsters

If families and youngins were eventually implemented, then I think there wouldn’t be a need for the daily update to decrease depending on population.
I’d much prefer it if you had to manage your own population with what you are given.
E.g. Can’t have too many if you can’t manage the upkeep of food and shelter (Which is why I think there’s also a refuse button on the daily update


Curses! Did you have to post that right before I made this post haha.
Aw that got my hopes up.

Sorry! I’d like to see children as well, eventually. I wouldn’t mind having immigration as another potential source of new Hearthians, but I would rather see this done in more of a simulationey (if less gamey) way.

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If the adult hearthians are already this cute the children are going to be too cute to handle and all the players will go into cuteness meltdown.


If you are interested we have had to larger discussions where it was brought up.