Hearthlings despawned in multiplayer

so I’m having a multiplayer game with my friends and all our workers went idle from whatever memory leak, which we restart to fix. so the host saved, we all quit, he started and we all joined again fine however there was that other bug that when i started again I had no sound. so i quit again and restarted my game, however when I loaded back in, I had no hearthlings. I got errors saying my men couldn’t work out how to build a building but it’s because i had no men anymore. clicking to focus camera on them did nothing, they all had despawned and wouldn’t spawn. there was no earlier save so we tried restarting the server, rejoining, reloading and everything but my hearthlings were permanently despawned.
without an earlier save is there any ideas around this? we might just have to start a new game.
there were no mods or edited game files.

Can you post a savegame with this issue and the server’s stonehearth.log if you still have it?

yeah my friend that hosted will upload it, where would he see/find the server log?

The log file is in the game install folder. The default location for a Steam copy is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stonehearth.

Hi maxx99x.

I’m the host of the session.
I can’t find anything named as a log. Which log are you after in particular?
I’ve uploaded one image of my stonehearth files to help, another in a second reply.


Thanking you in advance.

Second picture, that has the save files.

The log is the one that displays as “stonehearth” with the type “Text Document”. For the save, can you zip that folder up and attach it to you post?

Thanks mate,

I cant attach files as a new user. Is there a direct email/exception I can use?

Sorry about that. You should be able to upload things now.

Appreciated. Attached as requested.

stonehearth.log (59.2 KB)
1528513153631.rar (5.1 MB)