When Robots Attack!

One night in the land of Stonehearth, a shooting star quickly flies through the night sky, but this is not a shooting star, this was a spaceship that would crash into the world the hearthlings called home. Inside the ship was a group of living robots, but these robots are on a mission… A mission to take over this planet and enslave its inhabits to collect natural resources until the world is a barren wasteland. How will the hearthlings, who were only used to fighting goblins, stop this robot threat?


Nice work, I am sure @zippy611 would be proud. But you probably want to make it more like the Hearthling style. That is going to be impossible to animate.


Your right, but the problem is that I’m using the demo of qubicle, and even if I could try to animate, I would not know how to or how to port the model into animating software. So right now I’m just making models


So, the best way to animate things, the way I think most people here use is blender, it has a steep learning curve, but can be very powerful. Also, great work! :wink: