When Nautili Fight Back (Aquatic Animals)

So, as has been hinted at in my posts, I have a bit of an obsession with the oceans and their animals. Also Moas. But I digress. My most beloved beasty from the bottom of the ocean, is the Nautilus.

(That’d be this bugger)

As such, I loved the idea of some fantasy coastal city catching dog sized Nautili for food, if only because it seemed so fantastic yet slightly familiar. But I wasn’t happy to just have the idea, I wanted to sea it in action (Bdm Tsh).

So I started thinking up how a sort of fishing mechanic might work for coastal cities in Stonehearth.

Then created some models! (My first models actually)

Once this was done, I started worrying about all the poor little Nuatili being overfished, and came up with some nice solutions to prevent the spamming (eh? eh? Spam?) of fishing vessels to get out of farming.

The first would be your very standard sea monster destroying your entire fleet/ water titan pounding your town, while the second seems far truer to the Stonehearth theme (and sense of humor).

Lets say you send out a few fishing ships to bolster your food stock. Then you send out more. Then you completely ignore any and all farming and have your citizens survive entirely on Nautilus Burgers™, Nautilus Steaks™, and Vegan* Nautilus Salads (*Not actually vegan). You’ll eventually be hit with this:

“The local Nautilus population has been decimated! Nautili have begun to evolve in order to survive.”

And then, you see these frequently popping out of the ocean and attacking your city:

It was also my thought, that they would attack and sink any unprotected fishing ships, and drop very little (if any) food.

So, guys and gals, what are your thoughts?

EDIT Might shorten the tentacles on the first nautilus


I don’t even know how to express my feeling for this but it is awesome :slight_smile: there should be different type and sizes too. I am just gonna say boulder size nautili rolling towards your town with incrdible speed :frowning:

Idea is amazing, but maybe something besides wings would look better?

first of all, great concept @SirCamOfRon… all very solid ideas (nothing fishy going on here)…

second, very nice work on … your very first model?!? :+1:

third, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, but… I would have to agree with @Newf… perhaps instead of the “wings”, you could try some stumpy little legs? :smile:


I went with wings just for the ridiculous factor, but I’d be happy to try little legs!

And yes, this’d be my first full model.

I… I dont even.

Its a prehistoric Bullsquid


i dont know what i’m looking at… but i know i want a plushie toy made of it naow!

How about the Titan Nautili drops stuff related to what it has killed?

Example: Titan Nautili #9 tends to kill fishermen boats, so if killed it would drop a fishing rod.

This thread lacks manatees. They are, after all, the most horrifying monsters of the sea. Of all time.


Also, when Nautili evolve, it should play “The Eye of the Tiger”.

Rising up, growing some feet…


I just picture villagers screaming in terror as these guys begin kicking doors down.

Wrong. A Newfoundland Dog is the most horrifying because not only is it a bear that can get you when your in the middle of the ocean but it can follow you on land!

Waterbears. Waterbears.

Not only are they scary as hell, but they can also:
-Survive being frozen up to -457 Degrees F
-Survive being burned at up to 375 Degrees F
-Survive 5700 Grays of radiation (Humans explode at 10-20 Grays)
-Go out for a space walk without needing any protection.

There you have it. This is your god. Bow mortals. Bow.

This could be the only unbeatable titan. You see this spawn in, you quit.


Is that a real creature? It looks and sounds fake but if its real I want one as a pet!

please, dear Raya… tell me that’s not actually a “thing”… is it?

fears googling

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They are quite literally everywhere

We must have these as a Titan! They shall attack coastal villages and towns! If someone else does not add them, I will!

You realize these things are really tiny? There’s less of a chance of a water bear killing you than Newf not typing in all caps.