From the depths they come

hey just wondering if anyone would like to help me make a mod for a new race. the lore would be that they used to live in the ocean but have been forced out by some evil creature and his henchmen. I am looking to add new race with their own style of clothing, armor, weapons, special materials which come from their own specialist buildings. one example is coral which will play a large part of their armor, weapons and their bling items. I also hope to add new class’s and some new friendly creatures as well as the evil creatures that forced them out of their home land under the sea.

currently me and @Miturion are working on it and was wondering if anyone else would like to help.

Example of a W.I.P modle of the base workers
(il do it tomorrow morning tired at the moment)


here is the link to the documents:


Nice to see another very ambitious project. I cross my fingers and hope you will find some people want to join both of you in this effort. Looking forward for more to come.

i second @voxel_pirate’s encouragement… i wish you all the best, as new race mods are an ambitious undertaking, but very welcome as well… :+1:

I am watching with eager eyes :eyes: