Whats this? Vegatation_5?

well i found this,

this is what it looks like,(sorry its not the best screenshot)

from what i can tell its like a dense forest, but mostly just juniper. its kinda like those Mountains_8
sadly its a 2081 save so i cant load this world :anguished:


Oh man. That’s pretty epic!

I wish we could use seeds to regenerate.

edit: Found it!


Nice! due to the workaround in this thread i am now able to load my save :smile:

I’ve been playing the game like my old PS1 games when I didn’t have a memory card… Just keep it running.


man those were the good days :blush:

The real mystery is the fact that @albert is certain he deleted vegetation_5…

Edit: thanks guys! You just helped him find a (larger) bug. :wink: He says thanks :slight_smile:

Edit 2: I prefer my undead zombie forest version of the story, but less bugs => good things


so that brings up the question, will it eventually be added?