What's The Worst Video Game You've Ever Played?

There have been Video Games over the years. Some of them are good, some are bad, and some are awful.

So, I created this Thread so you could share what you think is the most cringeworthy game you’ve ever played.

Well, Flappy Bird is what I’ve played, but I’m sure the worst video game ever was that one ET thingy that everyone’s always going on about.

Here’s a link for the really bad ET Game: ET - Wikipedia.the_Extra-Terrestrial(video_game)

I once played this racing game on the PC that was ridden with glitches and so many other horrible flaws. You could drive through practically anything, your opponent’s truck never raced with you, you could drive out of the world you were in by just driving in one direction, and such.

I will also never forget this gem:

This game, was called Big Rigs: Over The Road Racing.

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I remember the Yogscast playing this, and I would have to completely and utterly agree with this.

  • Flawed Design
  • Flawed Gameplay
  • Flawed Mechanics
  • Flawed AI
  • Flawed Art
  • Flawed Spelling
  • Flawed Grammar

I honestly don’t think there could be something worse than this.

Oof… I remember seeing the Yogscast play it at some point. One of the bugs that they came across was that your truck would simply fall to the bottom of the valley when it tried to span a bridge (the bridge apparently didn’t actually exist in-game?). Another one was that there was no max speed in reverse, so you could get up to 10k mph in reverse. And then, when they hit the brakes, it went from that ridiculous speed to 0 in no time at all.

Thank you for reminding me it was the Yogscast who played it for their discontinued Trucking Tuesday series.

I’ve found an AVGN video where he reviews Big Rigs. :smiley:

I especially love the fake Commercial part.

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So guys, what other soul crushing games have you guys played?

Ride to Hell: Retribution…

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I played Aliens: Colonial Marines but generally I try to avoid bad games

Either the Spyro and Crash Bandicoot duo, or The Incredibles game, both for the GBA…

That was Microsoft Flight Simulator II on the Commodore 64. Just once I managed lift off, just to crash instantly.

American McGee Presents Bad Day LA
Metacritic 28

Bought this game for a few bucks (I think 1e actually) while waiting at the checkout line. It looked like it could have been a funny GTA clone with tons of humor, but seriously… it would have been better for me and my time to just throw that money away instead of buying that game…

There’s little redeeming about a title that originally held such promise. Instead of being showered with creative gifts, hilarious jokes, and unflinching social commentary we get bludgeoned with tired toilet humor, witless satire, and artless gameplay. Let’s just keep it simple. Don’t buy this game. It’s terrible. (Ign)

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I just picked up a pirated copy of Big Rigs - Over The Road Racing

It’s just as bad as I remembered.

  • It’s Design is Horrendous :scream:
  • The Models Look Like They Took Five Minutes To Make In Blender
  • The Mechanics Are :shit:
  • The So Called “Physics” Are Satanic :smiling_imp:
  • The AI Doesn’t Exist
  • My Cat Could Make Better Art Than What Is Shown In This Game :art:
  • Absolutely No Sound or Music :mute:
  • The Options And Settings Don’t Do A Damn Thing
  • Most Of The Maps Look The Same
  • The Boundaries Of The Maps Don’t Exist :no_entry_sign:
  • The Game Doesn’t Keep High-Scores When There Is A High Score Menu
  • Random Game Option Makes You Win Automatically
  • YOU’RE WINNER! :laughing:
  • Infinite Acceleration When In Reverse
  • Game Crashes Usually
  • Three Handled Trophy Cup :trophy:
  • Going Through All Checkpoints Is Required To Win The Map :checkered_flag:
  • You Can’t Lose
  • Two of The Last Maps Crash The Game
  • The Box Cover And Back Are Complete LIES
  • Game Constantly Trolls You :trollface:

In other words, this game is so bad, it’s kinda hilarious . . .

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Don’t think I’ve ever played anything as bad as Big Rig etc. Hmm… never liked Neverwinter Nights 2, and the ME3 ending was… bad. Worst though was probably Master of Orion 3 (to win: let game play itself).

i realize this is perpetuating the problem, but please dont discuss pirating software on the forums…


Yarr, Me hearties! This forum be unfriendly ta us! These blasted lubbers can go rot in hell, I got booty ta be huntin’

I don’t usually pick up games that everyone says are universally bad, but in terms of games that I wanted to love but just… couldn’t, even after hours and hours of exposure, Final Fantasy X-2, FFXI, and FFXIII are pretty high up there.

I say this after having finished FFX-2 twice to get the 100%. That was 100 hours of my life I will never get back. T__T


Well, I’m sorry, but I couldn’t find another copy anywhere else, and the Development Team has been disbanded since 2006, so I don’t think they actually care. Most of the copies found on the Internet are pirated.

The fact that you tried to find a copy worries me.