Next Car Game Alpha

The best damage engine to ever roam the Earth. One of the best games of all time. They have an amazingly smooth free tech demo out now!

Yes… I saw NerdCubed’s video on this… and I have to say this game is brilliant! It is definately on the top of my purchase list.

wait, nerdcubed did a video on this?

heads off to YouTube

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Yes… it is quite funny, as usual. :wink:

I’m so very tempted to pre-order this game… it keeps winking at me inappropriately but i haven’t caved in yet.

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Looked at the website, another car game meh. Then “headed off to YouTube”, watched the first 5 minutes (5:08) and now I’m $25 closer to bankruptcy. Thx :wink:

I made a video about the game as well, you can take a look here - Introducing: Next Car Game - Early Access Pre-Alpha - Gameplay Features - December 2013 Release

It is an awesome game, I love all these new alphas, they make me happy in my pants!

Was playing it earlier and the UI (in the garage) really remind me of world of tanks. Like REALLY reminded me. But anyway, my favorite part about NCG is still the Tech Demo :wink:

Existing demo+multiplayer+map editor = best car game ever

watching nerd cubed video, he was clearly happy if they produced nothing else but the demo… :smile:

damn you nerd cubed, when i get home on thursday i’ll be pre-ordering

I got to play the game myself and (IMO) it’s very, very, very boring. I would tell people not to buy it.

Play in seat view only. Races are insanely fun for a pre-alpha.

Well, I just picked it up! Thanks for reminding me about this, I had it on a list, somewhere, but I seem to have lost said list.