A game that I'm sure many of you will love

One of the biggest draws to Stonehearth to me is that it’s a sandbox game. I love real sandbox games, where you have no specific goals, and you can do whatever you want to do within the game world. There are many games that try to do this, but few that do it well. Stonehearth seems to be one of those that is going to do well, very well.

Well I recently discovered a game that’s been out for a while that does it well, very well. When I say it’s been out for a while it’s been on Steam early access for a while. It’s not even done and it does it very well. It’s been mentioned a few times before in other threads but never discussed. For those of you who haven’t tried it, there is a free demo of it on Steam as well. I played the demo for about 10 min before I realized I had to have this game, and put down paid the $20 before I even fully explored the demo.

It’s funny because I was aware of this game for a long time. For some reason the Steam page for this game was not enough to entice me to play. I didn’t decide to try it out until I noticed on of my Steam friends was playing the demo. I didn’t know there was a demo before. So I checked it out.

OK, what is the game?

Kerbal Space Program

Wow, I am really enjoying it. It’s amazingly sandbox. You have no goals, you can do whatever you like. There are so many avenues that you can explore that it would be hard to explore them all, and they haven’t even finished it yet. There are also a pile of mods for the game out (again it’s not even finished). One of the things that is so amazing about it, is the game is very educational, and still whopping piles of fun. Some might have a bit of trouble getting into it at first. There is a bit of a learning curve, but there is a Wiki, and a pile of YouTube material out there to help you.

Behind the comical exterior of the game, is an extremely detailed Newtonian physics engine. The simulation is amazing. The other thing is that the interface makes “rocket science” accessible and easy. The maneuvers you perform are completely realistic. There is an entire solar system for you to explore as well as two moons around your starting planet, which is surprisingly very similar to Earth, including size, distance from the sun, and rotational speed. The comic surface of the game very much adds to the flavor. When you crash one of your rockets into the moon, or they fail it seems plausible because it was done by these funny Kerbal guys, not serious human scientists. It’s brilliant.

If one of the reasons you are here in the Stonehearth community is because you love sandbox games, and you are even casually interested in space, and space exploration, then you really need to check this game out. I’m sure many of you have. I could say more but I don’t want my typical wall of text to get too high so that no one even tries to look over it.

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I’ve had this game for a while, and for the little time I’ve played it, I’ve had great fun. However, the difficulty of it (to me, anyway) put me off it for a little while. I may go back to playing, but I’m not sure.

I’m in a similar boat. It took me 2 hours of frustration and browser searching (There are not very many clear tutorials for this game) to get two tiny ships to rendezvous, only to have them smash into each other and explode. That was one of my most rage-some moments in gaming.

I never even really searched. You see, I have a habit of learning how to play games from experience, not learning how. So I never even got a rocket into space.

Anyway, if I’m going to recommend this game, I recommend it to the ones who will devote time into learning it’s controls and mechanics. Not as @2_Zons puts it, at least from what I understood of his wall of text, for those who love sandbox games and have even the slight interest in Space.

This game is for ones, as I said before, who will put time and effort into learning how to play, and actually enjoy it for what it is, but if anything this game is not for people who just simply love sandbox games and who are casually interested in Space and Space Exploration.

I’ve had similar experiences… orbital mechanics is a great deal harder than rocket science it seems.

I found it was easier to think of the planet Kerbin as down and to take my time… even if it takes an hour or two just to dock two vehicles together. If you’re not patient, then use MechJeb 2… it’s a mod that does all that lark for you in a rather clever way. You can find further details on the KSP forums :smile:


OK guys. I have a friend, actually the one I saw was playing the demo, who had a very similar experience as what you guys are describing. He gave up on it very quickly. He came over, I spent 10 min with him showing him the basics, he went back and bought the game, and is playing it now.

The learning curve seems very steep, but it’s not really. It’s intimidating, and it seems like you won’t be able to do it, but once you get past that first hurdle, it all snaps, and it is easy.

This video will get you going pretty good.

This guy has a pretty good series and has some tutorials that show some very advanced things, but this one gives you what you need to get hooked.

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Thanks for the resource, I’ll definitely use it when I give KSP a try again.

i’ve heard nothing but good things about this one… and its been discussed quite a bit in this thread:

@SteveAdamo, KSP (in my opinion) is a game you have to try first before purchase… because, like me, some think it’s immediately the game for them, so they purchase it. However, they soon realize that it isn’t what you might think it is, and then you lose your interest. However, that doesn’t mean I’m saying tis a bad game! It’s an utterly brilliant game, but it’s not for some people.

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im picking up on your subtle undertones… so, im a moron, is it?

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Not quite so! I’m just saying to you, and those who are reading, that they might want to look into the game before purchasing. I don’t want anyone wasting money on a game they don’t like.

I think so too… Quite the improvement, I’d say.

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sorry, i should warn you… about 98.24% of what i say, is laced with at least 73.81% sarcasm… :smile:

as for KSP, one of my favorite youtubers adores it, so i feel pretty confident in purchasing… but i will heed your advice, and try the demo…

I hate your profile photo to be bluntly honest. Not enough red and yellow, and no sickles or hammers.

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