Biggest Gaming Pet Peeves

So, as I am a very angry person, and I get angry at a lot of things, and a lot of things in gaming really irk me the wrong way. So I was wondering… what are your guys’ worst pet peeves in gaming?

I’ll list a few of mine…
DLC that is ripped right from the main content of the game and cast to the side to make more cash. Go ahead and have DLC, like aesthetic, sounds, and stuff made after the main development process of the game, but when you just take something from the main game and sell it separately, you can go and die kthxbai.

When devs think they need THIS to sell their games. If your game is good, I don’t need a pair of latex bound boobs to make it better. Those aren’t going to improve my experience. I’ve made a resolution to never buy a game that advertises itself with sexualized females or predominantly shows sexualized female characters. It hurts to see indie games that do this too, with titles like “We’re making the game of our dreams!” Yeah, wet dreams maybe.

So… what are your guys’ pet peeves? I’m interested to know so I can exploit the–… err I mean get to know you all better!

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Crashing / Game Save Corruption. Playing through like 6 hours of Dead Space or Resident Evil and it crashes, then you go think “I really want to see whats next” and then you get the “Game save corrupted” BS.

Purchased Witcher 2, played about 4 hours in and that happened. Haven’t touched it since.

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Games were the single player portion is just one long tutorial to get you ready for multiplayer (Halo OST, I’m looking at you). I am really over multiplayer in general, so I want games were the single player experience is worth the time.


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Woah what?! Are we going to have to fight here?

I felt that Halo ODST’s campaign was great, it had a fantastic soundtrack, a great narrative and for the first time you actually felt vulnerable in Halo! I know each to their own and all that but I’m interested in how you felt that it was there to prepare you for the multiplayer … are we talking the firefight mode, or the Halo 3 multiplayer disc bundled in?

As for biggest gaming pet peeve … I would have to really agree with @Pandemic Corrupted save files can ruin a game for me, I mean who wants to go back after 10 hours of play? I did it once with Fallout: New Vegas, never again.

DLCs for sure. When they bring 90% of the story and sell the last 10% in a DLC so the story makes sense…

Other than that, I’m a big StarCraft 2 player and hate that you have to pay for a name change (free in SC1) and that you can’t have more than one account (possible in SC1)…
I still play it cause it’s just awesome… I was top of the world some time ago until I woke up, now I’m an average diamond player… stupid exams take too much of my precious time for important things.
At least they brought some needed feature with the extension but why not have it in the main game by default…

I also don’t like most things publishers do to fight against piracy (like DRM), that just end up being a nuisance for the real customers…
When I think about what Spore initially did (3 installs and the DVD is locked forever…) seriously, I brought the game right back to the store and lucky I did, what a disappointment that one was.

@RoseyNineOneOne have you at least read the description of DLC Quest on Steam? I think it could provide you with some good humour :wink:

As for my peeves? I can’t believe I can’t think of more, I’m such a critic but right now my mind’s blank. But a big peeve for me whilst I am gaming is that you can’t just tell your DS to shut up? There I am, at 2 in the morning unable to sleep and all I want to do is play a nice bit of Pokémon. However my DS has other plans and the volume’s accidentally flicked up and the music blasted around my grandma’s room where I and my 4 cousins are sleeping for the night. Not cool. Why can’t I just mute it altogether? :crying_cat_face:

Another big pet peeve of mine, is when developers try to fix story holes using DLC. Mass Effect 3,Darksiders 2 there have been a lot of games that just tried to fix things but ended up adding more questions.

Before DLCs came along the most annoying thing was savepoints - I want to save the game whenever I want ok? Thx!
Well and DLCs are about everything that is wrong in mainstream games, give me bonus missions, addons, sequels… but DLCs and well episodes I can live without.
Remember that Halflife was supposed to get a short episode format so releases can be published in shorter time?
Now the next episode is on a good way to dethrone Duke Nukem Forever in terms of waiting time… oh and given how bad the storytelling got the chance its a let down is at 99% even.


For me I feel the biggest let down with the ending to ME3 was the sheer scale of it. I mean, you’ve traversed the galaxy, united and saved races, destroyed things you have no right destroying and your final moments are insignificantly of you on the ground before the whole “starchild” thing … I mean, unless there’s a massive metaphor I’m missing I just don’t feel the epicness of the ending was on the same scale of all the experiences of the previous games.

I mean, a 40 minute cutscene showing a space battle that would melt your brain and render all gaming history post and pre the event redundant would have been good ya know!

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Save games that are locked to a console hard drive.

My personal irks have to begin somewhere around not being able to customize controls. I mean, some people just make the controls so blatantly bad, and I could NEVER get used to them. Not going to toss any names, but… Anyway, another one is definitely savegame crashes. My reaction to them is one of the following: 1) HFJJENNE!!!NFDN>VMEMFNNEPKAK{I38834:{"""pfjnndfHFEN}}|!!! ---- 2) Nope. ---- 3) begins walking around punching random objects and cussing out the world under my breath

Oh, and I presume that we will have the ability to cloud save then, @sdee? I can understand if not, because it’s not a huge operation you’re running here (yet), but that would be pretty epically cool.

Just as bad as games that force you to be online to save (simcity…)


Oh you reminded me of another irk: SimCity. You have to be constantly online? Is their market literally only those with state of the art computers?! I run the graphics just about so you can see some water and that’s it. And it’s still very laggy. Why would they make it only work whilst your internet holds up, why?! Unbelievably stupid and does literally render the game sadly unplayable for me.

  • always on DRM

  • games that are overly complex in design, and too cool to offer any sort of “intro tutorial” for new users


There’s just another way of saying Dwarf Fortress :laughing:


No plans for cloud saving yet, but at the very least, you should be able to copy your save files onto a thumb drive and put them on another computer without having to wipe you whole hard drive and/or the destination hard drive (thanks xbox and ps3).



the best i could whip up, in (future) appreciation for this… i just had to blow away my PC last week, and was unable to transfer a few precious save games… :cry:

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The best pet peeves are already taken… so I suppose that would be a good pet peeve… How about: Games that are overly difficult to mask having a lack of content?

@RoseyNineOneOne Totally, I was just watching this video this morning actually (I’m going back thru some of the best Extra Credits for inspiration when I take breaks from working on Stonehearth mod prepping :smile:) Bogus DLCs are frustrating, especially when the main game felt light on content. Otherwise I’m cool with em.

@Pandemic Lost save games are really upsetting, although I tend to save multiple files as back-ups. I have currently 50+ Gnomoria saves stashed in various squirrel holes. At least corrupt saves aren’t a deliberate effort by game developers to make you spend more time & cash on their product.

DRM is fine if done lightly. I remember I had to live at my aunts house (read: bad internet) for 2 months for school when Settlers 7 came out. The game had such absurd DRM that it checked for online connection like 2 times a second. My game paused every few seconds like a bad streaming video. SUCH RAGE.

@wminsing I agree. I think Banner Saga is the last game I played like that. Tutorial to multiplayer in like 15 minutes. :cry:

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Grinding that is just dull and long drawn out. Downloadable Content that is not worth even half their asking price, and games that dont live up to expectations.

Does that mean that the new, Cube World-capable PC has arrived?

Speaking of Cube World, has anybody seen anything about it in like 2 months?