What will be the?

Hey guys! just wanted to know, what will be the first thing you fo when you open up the alpha of sh?

go to settings and dick with the aspect ratio if I can after that probably hit the play button.

Play the Game!!! than lose all of it since there is no save button :frowning:

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I’m gonna do what ever feels natural at the time, so probably cut down a tree


I am going to use my little knowledge of programming to try and invent my own method of saving. If that proves to be unsuccessful, I will capture some american programmers to get them to do it for me. Then, once they have completed. I will burn them and send a note to their families telling them to move to Russia. Who could resist an invitation like that?

Most likely, what I will be doing is activating my recording software and uploading some **** onto teh interwebz.

I’m going to ‘ooooo’ and ‘ahhhhh’ at all the pretty things on my screen. Chop a tree, and more 'oooo’s and 'ahhhh’s. And thats basically it…


I’m going to hoard all the berries.

All of them.

(And they’re going to be delicious.)


and the woodland beasts shall be appeased… :smile:

i will try to see if i can confuse my workers into performing outlandish tasks… breaking stuff is phun!


Make a photo of ALL my Villagers and post here.

can i dig a hole? no? then i guess ill chop a tree down then ¬,¬-P {Y}

deforesting as much as possible.
I will not pick berries to see if the little settlers will die.
yaya evil stuff, EVIL…

i’ll get started now on some sort of appropriate reward for your efforts… i was thinking macaroni art? i’ll get my labor force kids started on the task immediately!

i weep for your settlers… think of the children!


Probably see what systems I can abuse haha. I’m hoping there will be a rudimentary system of villager creation, without too much of a pop cap. Population explosion until my game implodes anyone?

As world gen and selective settling is in I will probably want to explore the world a bit also

I have very little knowledge of programming, however, I kind of know how you can save your worlds on MC. If I could do it in MC, I assume you could possibly be able to do it.

(You know, saving worlds on you computer so if you die, you can restart)

I would assume that to do it manually, we would need to locate the local data for the game that is currently running. Then copy and paste it somewhere else. Then, the next time you get into the game, you replace the current data with the data you previously saved. Thats basically what a save button does (To my understanding), it just won’t be automatic.

The first thing I’ll do is fan-boy a bit at the release, play the game for quite a long time, then die a little inside that there is no save-game feature. Then start all over again! :smiley:

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Go to I.T. I’ve had some great “deals” come from them.

Experiment and click on everything! hahah :slight_smile: I’m just gonna build a lil town. Restart, and do it differently