What to do when you are waiting for stonehearth streams

watch an episode of redwall , its a cheesy kids cartoon made in 1999 that has super medieval feel
and is about a brave mouse who is in a castle full of secrets that is constantly under attack
i particularly like the medieval music in it, @Raj might enjoy it more than others

ex of cheese factor: main villain quote ‘‘do that again and ill have your skulls for skittles’’

who says that???


wow, I never knew there was a cartoon spinoff! but in the event you were unaware, Redwall is actually a fantastic book (the first in a series) by Brian Jacques…

there are a number of books in the overall mythical setting of courageous animals… I’ve been hooked on the books for ages… :wink:


Should probably mention @Andrew91 here as well, just in case he doesn’t know of it.

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Ah, I thoroughly enjoyed that series… definitely going to be watching this in the future.

Huzzah! Another Redwall reader. :smiley:

I’ve heard of it, but never watched it.

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Oh yeah, Redwall!

I read a bunch of those when I was younger. I really liked 'em! I know about the cartoon series, but I learned about it around just after I stopped reading the books.


When I’m not watching streams, I am normally either;

playing Dota 2, watching Dota 2, Playing Dwarf Fortress, playing my game of the week/month (This month it’s pathologic),

and as always studying extremely hard to go back to Japan.

Good ol Redwall!

Typically when I’m waiting on a stream I fire up a podcast, watch some competitive gaming, check the news/online articles or I may even play some games myself!

Best show evah! I watched 2 episodes.


The Redwall books and this TV show was my introduction to fantasy back in the late 2000-2003 I Have read the books all of the and remember when Brian Jacques left this world on this very day If I am right. I still read them lol. And the TV show is just about spot on with the books when I thank of movies and tv shows from books I am like to bad it could not be like Redwall lol.

[quote=“Heimerdinger, post:1, topic:10127”]
about a brave mouse who is in a castle
[/quote] technically its and abbey :smiley:

I am glad to see some people who like Redwall.

Have a good day!


man im so hooked on this series, im slowly getting every single book in hardcover :smiley:


It’s a great series to be hooked onto. I’m currently missing 3 books with my collection and I’ll have completed it; The Legend of Luke, Loamhedge, and Eulalia!

And now I’ve started watching the cartoon. It’s a bit different and more for kids than the books where (which is saying something, considering he wrote these books for kids) but still interesting to see all of the characters fleshed out.

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