What is the max world size?

Does anyone know how high/low you can build?
What happens when u hit bottom?

according to devs max build height is 256 but instant build works above. but unlikely pathfinding does.

building outside map will give errors and once you would fall tru the map but not sure now.


Lets check that “fall trough map” out. Haha

You shouldn’t be able to fall through the map. IIRC, they added an “impenetrable” layer to the bottom of the world like minecraft has.

Surely that doesn’t exist where the terrain stops generating, though? So not just beyond the map boundary, but beyond the terrain itself – literally outside of the world.

Getting things out there to test it would be tough, but if it’s just open sky/void beyond the edge of the terrain then I imagine that hearthlings could simply walk off the edge of the world. Of course, the impenetrable layer could well continue as an invisible plane to prevent that… but I figured it was simply a matter of the lowest layer of blocks being made indestructible.

Hearthlings don’t tend to walk off into nothing. Pathfinding prevents it. At the time they put the layer in, it was possible to remove the terrain under a hearthling and then have them fall into the hole from there. This was bad because your daily target for additional hearthlings never got easier if you lost a hearthling at the time.

These things have been fixed, but you can still see the darker layer at the bottom of the world if you scroll to the edge of the world during a game.