Height Cap To Building


Was trying to build an EXTREMELY tall structure earlier, and I hit a point where the game kept giving me an “Assertion Failed” error after another when I tried to place a slab off the floor I had recently built. Eventually (5 errors later), it stopped giving me errors, and just wouldn’t let me build anything on top of the floor I already had.

So, is there a maximum height at which the engine will allow voxels to be built to, or could this have been caused by something else?


Maybe you hit the playable box roof.
Or you ran out of memory :stuck_out_tongue:

Could you show us a picture of your building?


last I remember there wasnt a height limit. but that was also the last update.


If Stonehearth ran through all 16GB of my memory, then I’m doing something horribly wrong.

I would have loved to, but unfortunately the save of that was deleted.


A picture will be nice so see :smiley: