About Roofs, Max Heights and different desings

I don’t know where to ask this, so I thought this ‘General Discussion’ might be the place for asking my question. My first question, why does the height of the roof does not increase more then 8? The image below may show that the current height is 3 but I now for sure that in my game the max height is 8. So, can’t it be increased to more than 8?

Now moving to my second question, I have been going through some old videos and saw this picture given below. I was wondering how does the red marking roofs are possible to build?

It would be great if someone show me how to build the Red Marking roofs.
My last question, If I need help which is the best forum for asking game related questions?
—Thank you.

Unfortunately to build this kind of roof you have to design them Voxel by Voxel. The building system is great but there is a little bit of work to do with the roof-building-tool.

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And what about the Max height? … any plans for increasing it?

I never tried to increase the height over 8. The next time i will try it. But i think we have here also a restriction

8 might be the max because with 9 you could just build a new floor and add the roof on top of that floor.
For asking -> search first for what you might want to ask if there is no such forum creat it. :wink: