Higher max roof height and lower roof offset

Ever since I got this game if been hooping to one day build a nordic village and not have to make the buildings with only slabs.
Allowing the roof to be lower then -1 would allow for a more nordic roof over hang like this:

as for max roof height Ide like the game to allow us to peak the roof no matter the size, instead of becoming flat after 8.
I also have a more advanced idea on how smaller building could use roofs higher then 8.
Here it is:

As the roof goes higher then the needed amount to reach a peak it will start from the top and add on and extra layer thus making the peak even sharper.


I would love this!
Great suggestion! :thumbsup:

-The second roof type would also work great for towers :smiley:


Well Im not suggesting it be a separate style just what could happen if a roof went above a peak.

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I concur, having cut-offs feels a bit… stingy.

I realise there may be engine-related or practicality-related reasons for those cutoffs (e.g. annoying and expensive math, or the potential for horrible horrible bugs); but in a game about building and creativity those limits feel out of place.

If removing the limits entirely can’t work properly on all roof types, then perhaps some new roof types with different formulas could work? For example, there could be a new “steep” roof type to allow those taller, pointier roofs; where each level is 2 blocks tall rather than a single block.

I suspect that having roofs cut into the walls (that is, negative roof offset) would be the tricky part of this suggestion; in case that doesn’t work then I’d propose a single-block-height wall option for situations like what the OP shows.

In fact, I’d say a single-block-high wall option would be great for many other reasons, but it would allow a range of easy roofing solutions as well as other cool possibilities… perhaps that should be added to the original suggestion?


Agree, -that would be something :smiley: