Roofs ( Need help!)

Hey guys. I cant quite understand how do you place roofs proper on buildings with multiple levels. Most of the time the roofs of the first level will merge with my floor of the second level making it quite unsightly. For some reason there are holes in the roof when i do this as well. Any advice?

hey there @Lim_Ziyuan, welcome to the discourse :smile:

it might just be the fact i’m tired, but i’m slightly confused about what you mean… could you perhaps provide some more details, or even a screenshot?

i ran into this before as well, i found that just adjusting the “Max Height” fixed the problem.

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Right now there is an issue with SH making modelling roofs incorrect. It generally happens when you revert the direction of overhang/height change. Typically:

  1. Create a roof.
  2. Decrease its height one block.
  3. Increase its height one point.
  4. Gratz! You broke it.

There’s a workaround to fix this bug. Second change in the same direction as the previous one “repairs” the roof. So if you decrease the roof height twice, then increase it twice (if it hits the height limit or not doesn’t matter), your roof will appear and perform as intended.

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