Can't place roof on this template

I tried building this church-like building, but after placing the roof above the main hall it would not allow me to place roofs above the “side-rooms” on either side of the building, but it did allow me to place roof upon the top of the tower.

I attached the unfinished template below.

Expected Results:
Roof placed correctly.

Actual Results:


unfinished building (37.2 KB)

Version Number and Mods in use:
release 537, no mods

System Information:
Windows 10
Intel i5-3450
AMD Radeon HD 5700


i would suggest changing the overhang of the roof on the side of the wall. This sometimes is an issue if there is overhang without space for it

Interesting. I can reproduce this, and @Doc_Brano, overhang has no affect on whether or not it will add the roof.

@not_owen_wilson, seems that the small room roofs are conflicting with the other roofs. As shown in the screenshots above building the large roof in back and the top roof prevents the small room roofs from building. Building a small roof first prevents all the other roofs from building…


well i have had builds where the roof would not be placed. After lowering the overhang i was able to place the roof. Wandering what the issue was if overhang should not intervene