Rotated building templates don't rotate roof overhang

Rotating a building template with asymmetrical roof overhang works fine before placement, but as soon as the building is placed on the ground the roof overhang is not correctly rotated and always “hangs over” in the direction, it was originally built to. (See screenshots below)

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Design a custom building with roof overhang in only one direction.
  2. Save the building as template.
  3. Select said template, rotate it, and place it in the world.

Expected Results:
The building is fully rotated, including the roof overhang.

Actual Results:
The building itself and all related furniture are correctly rotated, the roof angle is also correctly rotated, but the overhang is not.


The overhang indicator in image 2 is the same for all 4 buildings, so apparently “overhang” is defined relative to the world, not relative to the building, which is likely to cause this problem.

Version Number and Mods in use:
0.14.0 Steam unstable branch, dev-2797 (yesterday evening, who could assume they would update it again today?!), x64, no mods, Windows 10


I can confirm, that this problem still exists in dev-2807, with the “old” template and fresh new ones. An example template can be downloaded from


Oh, template rotation. When will you ever be bug-free forever?