Couple of roof bugs when turning

The roof settings for the overhang don’t turn and the roof rim changes when turning a house template.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Design a house with a roof that does not have the same overhang on all sides
  2. Save the template
  3. Build it twice. The second turned 90º.

Expected Results:
Both houses should be identical.

Actual Results:
1: The roof of the turned house changes. The settings for the overhang don’t turn with the rest of the house.
2: The roof rim is different on both houses. They should be the same. It also happens if the overhang is the same on all sides.


Different Overhang:

Same Overhang:

Version Number and Mods in use:
Alpha 15 - release 543
Terrain colors mod.

System Information:
Windows 7 home 64-bit.
Intel Core i5 CPU 760, 2.80GHz, 8.00 RAM.
Nvidia Geforce GTS 450.

Have Fun, Kyth.


I can confirm it. Non-symmetric overhang does not turn with the rest of the house when using templates.

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