[Res] [192] Windows from a rotated placed template offset by one

Edit: Still an issue in version 192

When placing a rotated template house, some windows are often placed off by one voxel from the template. The house is also built with the window off by one voxel.

Some building templates are not being followed when it comes to the windows. Has only been noticed with some templates when facing east or west.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Select the ‘Shared Sleeping Quarters’ in the building templates window
  2. Rotate the house once but don’t place it yet
  3. Rotate the camera to look at the front of the house and notice the left window that is in the center of the wall (2 voxels on each side)
  4. place the building and right click to clear the template from selection
  5. notice that the left window has now been moved by one voxel!

Expected Results:
Placed building should always have the correct location of its windows regardless of rotation.

Actual results:
Placed buildings don’t always have the correct location of its windows when rotated.

Work around tried:
Rotating and placing many templates, but when this building is placed east or west (?), the windows are always off by one voxel.

This might be due to it being a 2x2 voxel model, while most others are an odd number of voxels in ‘width’.
Check if the off by one voxel issue is due to the window being falsely ‘rotated’ around the wrong voxel.
Check if the rotation is ‘flipped’ and is actually rotating it in the opposite direction it should be.

Simple test building to show a new building in r192 rotated in all 4 directions.

Two placed templates, the one on the left has the window placed correctly, while the one on the right is off by one voxel.

A house placed by the template after it has been build with the window built off by one voxel to the right.

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I have just noticed this happens on the 4-voxel-wide double doors when rotating a building design. This gives increased suspicion that this only occurs on even-voxel-wide doors and windows.

Notice the doors and window holes are all offset to the right.

The original design for reference.


This is still occurring in build 188. Uploading an image to try and demonstrate this better:

Completely (impractical) new building template as of build 188. This image depicts the same house rotated in all 4 directions. The original (far left ghost) house was created with a window centered on each wall of the 4 walls. Notice how only two of the rotation directions show this bug.


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I have another instance of this, only it’s not windows, it’s lanterns. And this is with Alpha 10 r293 x64.

Here’s the first building where I created the template:

And here’s where I went to place my newly created template again:

As you can see, before I even tell them to start building we can see that the lanterns are off a bit.


Actually, I think it’s the door that’s a bit off; which you can see if you count the voxels between the door and one of the columns.

But yeah, it’s still an odd behaviour.

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And you’re right. It is the door that’s off, not the lanterns. Either way, I think this is still a valid depiction of the bug.


So ive noticed that when you turn a template before building it that the windows sometimes shift and the interior gets messed up

me too, door and windows template out of place by 1 block after placed, but only happen when we rotate North/South or East/west. i think the template saved the direction, so if we rotate it they will mess up

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If buildings I have saved are placed in any orientation other then the one it was saved in objects such as windows and sometimes doors shift out of place.

This is definitely a known bug. Perhaps @8BitCrab could find the relevant thread?

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I could not follow Tony’s stream yesterday so I went for a replay this afternoon and the crate’s bug make me thought in something that might well be related.

The steps to reproduce are simple:

  • Draw then save the template of a simple building with windows at 2 blocks from the pillars
  • Call back this template, rotate it a few times and place it

You may notice some windows don’t have anymore the same spacing.

Here some screens:

Base template (look closely to the 2 blocks spacing from the pillars):

Rotated template:

Red arrow: on this face, both windows have a 1 block offset from the original on the horizontal
Blue arrow: on this face, both windows have a 1 block offset on the vertical

@sdee, as I’m unsure this is related to the crate’s bug, could you bump Tony about this? He might be interested while the fix for the crate is still fresh…

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wow and I thought I had something in my eyes or messed up my template…
I can confirm that this happens with double doors too

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As far as could be told in the stream, it happens with anything that is an even number of blocks wide or deep. It looks like windows are the only known case where the height of the thing matters, because they can be placed above the ground.

I suspect that between large crates (and squarrels in future), windows and double doors that all the troublesome objects are already found for the current base game. It will be nice to have a good general fix though. Because it’ll help remove a restriction on future items from the team or from mods.

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@Beatrice i merged your topic with this one, as they were both about the same bug.

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@8BitCrab, indeed, same bug and not new at all! I was a bit in a hurry when I posted and definitively I need to do better my homework beforehand… Well, Tx a bunch for the merge!

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Thanks @Beatrice, @Ponder has been pinged. :slight_smile:


I believe I have a fix for this (yay!). It should be in the next build (not the one we posted today, but the one after that). I think that should happen sometime next week.