Game crashing when rotating a template before placing it


The attached building template is resulting in the game error dialog popping up (Stack trace is attached) when I rotate it, and place the building in the world. Placing the building at one specific orientation does not crash the game.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Load the attached building template
  2. Bring up the Building Template dialog and try to place the building (Stone dining hall) with its default orientation. This should not error out.
  3. Try to place the building again, but before placing it, rotate it. This should bring up the Engine Error with the attached stack trace

Expected Results:

The building should have been placed successfully without game errors.

Actual Results:

The Engine Error dialog pops up, with the attached stack trace. In addition, the furniture blueprints are placed around the region of where you placed the rotated template. They can be destroyed using the console.

Furthermore, I am unable to place any other additional buildings until I reload the save



Traceback -
Building template (181.1 KB)

Version Number and Mods in use:

  • Version 0.24.0 (release 790) x64 build
  • The only mod in use, besides the base mods, is the debug tools mod

System Information:

I think I’m cursed because I just made another template that is having the exact same problems.

Another template with the exact same issue (195.7 KB)

I’m going to hold off playing SH until the new building editor comes online, at this rate. :frowning: