[bug report] Strange template placement when being placed against existing building

Summary: Strange template placement when being placed against existing building.

This has been around for a long time, but I’ve gotten along with a workaround until now. Might as well report it if it has not been reported yet.

When placing templates which touches existing built buidlings, there is 50% chance that it will not be placed on the ground, even if there are no other things blocking it. Instead, it is placed at an elevation as if the top floor of the existing building is aligned with the foundation of the template being placed.

One strange thing is that if I rotate the template 180 degrees and used another side to touch the existing building, there seems to be no problem.

The workaround I have is simply to have 2 versions of every template, where one version is created from a copy of an original template, but with everything “rotated” 180 degrees (by manual editing)

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Build an existing building
  2. Place a new template against the building. observe. remove.
  3. Place the same template against the same building, but rotated 180 degrees.

Expected Results:

Actual Results:
50% of the time. If it appears ok, then redoing with the template rotated 180 degrees will yield the problem.



Version Number and Mods in use:
develop 3131 (but existed since a17 stable at least)

System Information:

Paging @yshan so she can check it out,

Also, could you perhaps upload a save of that play so she can view it if needed?

It should be located somewhere inside the folder te game is installed in

tried to attach a zipped save, but upload failed due to file being too big (16MB)

@sphr, if you still have this save, you can upload it to a file sharing site like Dropbox, Google Drive, File Dropper, etc. and paste the sharing link here.

ran in to this issue as well…and seems theres a difference of what side of the building you are building on .

Will see if i can replicate a bit later today.

I will try to make a new game and recreate the problem later (at least make the savegame smaller), if it is not supplied by anybody else yet. I have a feeling that this problem is quite reproducible, just that not a lot of people put templates that close together? (in my current game, all building template are modularly connected -> one physical building, so I get this a lot)

My plan

  1. create a simple box building, longer on one side, with foundation and a higher floor as roof (not using the roof tool. I suspect that being floor has some relation). insta-build it.

  2. create a simple template with small box building with foundation and higher floor as roof. Prob mark with window/door on one side to help tell facing.

  3. Load the template and place one instance touching the built building on the long side. Load the template again but rotate it 180 degrees and place it touching the building on the same side.

My prediction is one of the templates placed in 3 will exhibit the “floating” problem. If the first one is ok, the 2nd one will float, or the other way around.

A current semi-workaround is to simply create 2 variants of same template rotated 180 degrees. But this will not work if we are placing a template that touches the sides of 2 existing buildings simultaneously. (in this case, I need to remove 2 whole building sections for the workaround to work properly. E.g. if my templates are joined in a line ABCD, if I want to replace B, I will probably need to replace C as well, so that new templates for B and C only touches existing building on 1 side).

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i got 2 fairly small templates that will reproduce i just tested.

(the corner has the problem, the way i tested)

does not seem to be related to save game just the template…and seem there is a difference in the direction of a building.

So you might have turn the buildings a few times to reproduce.

(uploaded latest save game just in case, but dont think its needed)

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