Template Placement Bug

When placing a building on the very edge of a cliff, the game bumps it down to the same height as the terrain below the cliff. This also has the effect of embedding the template in the terrain. See screenshots below. If I move the template back away from the edge even one voxel, the structure places and can be built normally.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Place the stone feet of this template on the very edge of a normal, unmodified cliff face. This will mean the aqueduct will hang over the cliff edge by three blocks. This is desired and should be legal placement since the stone feet are fully on ground and there are no gaps in the building design.
  2. Observe the game move the template down immediately after placement.
  3. Remove the building and this time place the feet one voxel back from the cliff’s edge.
  4. Observe the building remains where you put it.

Expected Results:
Normal building placement UX.

Actual Results:
Embedded template inside the terrain. Cannot be placed as desired, even though placement is (or should be) legal.

Attempting to place it right on the edge:

Game moves it down after placement:

Game places it fine when pulled back from the edge by one voxel:

Version Number and Mods in use: (x64)

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Ugh. Reloaded the game, and now I can’t reproduce this. At least I took screenshots…

I’ve seen this bug occurring during one of @Banto’s livestreams.
His case seemed like when the template had a floor, then this bug occurred. But if the template was edited to remove the floor, then the template could be placed as expected.

I am sure Banto could give more details.