Roofs continue to have problematic placement

Roofs while creating a blueprint for a building continue to be problematic during placement. Hovering the cursor over portions where roofs should be generated in blueprint mode does not create the roof to be placed and the cursor remains X. This has been an issue since at least alpha 14 (for me at least). It seems to be really hit or miss whether it decides it wants to auto generate a roof for a building. This problem occurs seemingly randomly no matter how basic or complicated the roof is. 4 Individual towers on a building, roof is able to be placed on one basic square tower but not the other 3. Basic perpendicularly aligned walls between the towers also won’t auto generate

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Make a basic building, any shape but even a basic square with multiple levels that are disconnected. (Not just one giant multistory tower.)
  2. Try and place the roof on a section. Roof refuses to generate even on basic shapes.
  3. Cry and wish it was better because you must start your blueprint over and hope it works next time.

Expected Results: Roof Generates correctly.

Actual Results: No roof is generated.

You probably know about this issue… I hope.

Version Number and Mods in use:
No mods, currently on stable alpha 16 but has occurred since 14 as far as I know.

System Information:
Phenom Black II X4 , 760 GTX, 6 Gig DDR2 at 800 Mhz and Samsung Evo Pro SSD

Well I do know that they are aware of the issue of when you create a building and then add a floor but leave two or more gaps. Only one of the gap will generate a roof. the others will not.

as in this example

they have been steadily improving the building template.

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speaking of roofs, are they aware roofs will not build if you put any slab-blocks on top of the roof?
(in case of say, viking style ridged roofs)

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I believe so, I think it is due to a break in the dependency chain. Once you start adding the slab block it no longer associates anything above it to the wall below.

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Yeah, i really hope split-up roofs (or muliple roofs on the same level) will work again. They used to work, two alpamhas ago…


Glad I am not the only one to notice this. I figured I wasn’t but didn’t see anything particular in the forums when I searched. I also was very tired so I may have missed it. Overall was going to post a few pictures but then like 3 Hearthlings died when I wasn’t paying attention so I just shut the game off. Hahaha.

Just FYI: I’m personally sorry for having let roof-related bugs go for so long, but these kinds of issues are finally getting cleaned up/fixed for A17. I realize that’s still weeks away, but we’re hard at work on it. In the meantime, if you wanted to post any templates that refuse to have roofs placed over in this thread, that would be super helpful for me (so that I can make sure I’ve actually fixed the exact issues you’re seeing).



@not_owen_wilson No reason to feel sorry. yall are making great strides, I remember back when everyone got excited about finally being able to just build two story structures. Something this complicated has to be broken down into pieces in order to make good progress.

All good. I bought into this game not because it looked finished but because of how active development is on it. Having a CS degree myself and possibly looking to pursue a masters in Embedded Systems I know problems like this don’t always break down easily and when they do break down easily sometimes it is into complicated solutions. I will undoubtedly have more issues and will post them in the thread you mentioned.

I did see that thread as well and have gone through it before and enjoyed the progress of Hearthling building abilities greatly but wanted to sort of specify the roof issue since it can be a major preventative measure in terms of creating some cool structures and wasn’t attached to a “Hearthlings won’t build a blueprint I’ve already made” but more of a “I can’t make the blueprint I want.”

Many of the “hearthlings themselves” will not build issues can be circumvented by looking at where they likely lost their path/logic and adding ladders to where you think they would want to build next. But roofs not placing in blueprint mode seemed different. Thanks for the hard work! I always look forward to the unstable releases and enjoy playing the game greatly :smile: