Quick question! blocks from lowest to highest point?

topic kinda says it :stuck_out_tongue: but does anyone know how many blocks from lowest possible to highest possible ?

I’m sorry but I am not understanding the question - are you asking how many blocks high you can build?

or how “high” the map/world can be?

now is there really a difference in thouse 2 questions? and whats the alternative you think i might be asking :stuck_out_tongue:
since im a bit curious!

one refers to just the space. the other refers built structures. the two are hardly the same. “blocks” being ambiguous.

so you are saying i cant buildt blocks on the highest point in the game :stuck_out_tongue: ? isent that the core mechanic of a voxel game :p? just forget it i already counted it them like 2 days ago >.< since it was a quick question :smiley:

Most games do actually impose limits, since sometimes you get funky things happening when blocks touch the ceiling or floor of the map. Plus, with the bottom of the map, there’s the issue of falling out into the space/void “under” the map…

So the size/volume of the map and the actual build-able space usually are different.

But, I’d be very keen to know for future reference just what the build-able dimensions turned out to be when you counted them, it will be very useful for planning the proportions of larger builds :slight_smile:

well to be fair i never counted them i build a 1 slab tower…but camera control gets pretty tricky when you get to a certain point since you have to use slabs to get the camera higher.

basically as faar as you can zoom out from the ground is easy to control still above that it gets pretty hard to hit the correct height, since you cant zoom out from groundlevel. you have to be placed on your building and zoom out to get higher…not impossible…i guess but tricky.

i suppose you could make a giant floor layer of slabs and use that for camera control, not really tried that…
(that kinda works :stuck_out_tongue: )

Dang, that’s really high… maybe there effectively is no upper limit; just the camera limits?

Well, there go any worries I had about being stuck with “squat and stubby” buildings if I try to build them too high up the mountains, lol.

Did building that tall cause any noticeable slowdown? I would have thought that the sheer volume of space the game needs to keep track of might have started stretching its memory; but then Radiant have been getting clever about telling the game when to ignore “unused” space on the map… Still, those platforms are huge and I figure the game at least has to simulate the full column from whatever chunk they’re in all the way down to the ground; unless the chunks actually have no vertical limit (in which case, the game would have been optimised with that in mind, so having tall buildings would literally make no difference to it).

This answer just poses more questions, LOL!

better question is how high can you still let your citizens build :slight_smile:


did not notice any slowdown but this computer has 24 gigs of memory so i rarely really feel slowdowns.
and did not really do much testing…just noted that it would not be an issue.

my current build takes up like 9 gigs of memory and i dont really feel and slowdown there either not in the dev build anyways. this was just a drop in the ocean compared i guess

@Doc_Brano well with a bit of theory crafting i could hunt up there so i could still get food without having to crawl 1000 blocks and i can just make the main camp up there

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This sounds like a question for @Albert as he’s done a lot of the world-gen stuff. Or perhaps @yshan knows…

We do have a limit on world height. 256 blocks from the world floor (just above the undiggable bedrock) to the sky.


Thanks Albert. Here’s your answer @Psyduck!

perhaps its 256 for letting your villagers be able to build, but as show in pic i’ve placed blocks and templates up to 500 blocks high so far. Can someone answer if there is a difference between villager build capacitie and instabuild capacity?


Could be only 256 individual Slab blocks high? Are you using walls in that?

only slabs, everything is made 1 slab at a time :slight_smile:

yea think this just raises more questions since instant build height is unlimited it seems.

and raises questions if like the pathfinding is still active up there.


We can also build on the outer sides of the map. (Unless this was fixed, it was possible before)

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you can still do it but it gives an game breaking error :slight_smile:

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