Question or Bug?

When I went to build a Rayya’s type clay house I hit the max height button thinking it would rise it a bit, I did not know the offset option was the height, question is, How do I bring Max Height back to 0? or is it a bug?

All my new builds now have that bump and I cannot get it flat again.

Click on the “W” and “E” so that is greyed out like “N” and “S”. Now I have learned something as well :grin:

That just puts the hump in the other direction, I wanted it flat again, can’t click to 0 again on the Max Height button once you hit it up one or more, won’t budge.

That is strange, I tested it and if all the directions was greyed out the roof became flat on height 1. Sorry then, hope somebody ells can help.

You’ll be happy to know that at least this problem won’t come up again once Alpha 18 is released to the Stable branch. They removed Max Height on flat roof types entirely as of today’s latest unstable build: