What do Fine items actually DO?

I have done about 15-20 minutes of searching for what Fine items actually do, but as far as i can tell, it only sells for more. Is there more to it?

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Yes, they don’t do anything besides sell for more, but they look good and stuff, the team is planning on revisiting fine items and how they’re made, so we can look forward for that! Though i doubt it would do more, just change how they’re produced and all


Fantastic, at least i know im not missing out on anything if i just sell off my Fine stuff


Since we have a system that makes heartlings comfortable (or not) in a room based on its size etc. - it would be a good change to add more happiness if the room has fine items in it, or alternatively make lings tolerate smaller spaces if they’re “finely” equipped. :slight_smile:

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That would be pretty cool =]

I just like the colors of the fine items better. The golden accents on the wooden pieces make buildings look good. :merry:

I also like the fine table and chairs from the potter, but wish so VERY much that there were more fine alternates in the clay building items.

Whilst it may not be much, all of you have looked over 1 very basic concept.

Fine items are rare
You can’t buy them
They give more networth than its normal counterpart
Eventually your town has a itemlimit and more worth per item is the best possible way to go.

Cheers people.